Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vegan Purchase: Chinese Laundry Wedge Pumps!

I found them at a discount designer shoe store similar to DSW, but not DSW -- the name escapes me, though I think it starts with an "M." Regardless, the pumps are made from black faux leather and have a perfect 1.5" black wedge. I'm also quite happy about their matte finish, which seems to be hard to find on vegan shoes. In short, I love them! And I love the price more -- originally $60, I got them for $30. Here they are on my feet:

They will replace the Burberry "trench pumps" that I purchased over four years ago at this point. After multiple re-heelings and re-soleing, on Friday, they finally gave out for good: the leather (eek; leather!) on the toes is peeling back rather badly. The main difference between the two shoes is that the Burberry pumps have a 1" heel rather than the new 1.5" heel -- I hope the extra .5" doesn't throw off the look of the suits (doubt it will). Evidence of the Burberry's final demise:


Ashley said...

What a nice deal.!! I think you really saved much money on those shoes.

Anonymous said...

ms. professional vegan, you've been so budget-conscious lately. i love it!!

your guest post is up, btw :-D

Michelle said...

cute shoes!

Just wanted to let you know that Neuaura shoes is having a sale on their fall collection! 30% off!