Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Miscellaneous Items of Vegan Interest

Browsing the Internet and reading the Professional Vegan's inbox of eco-friendly tips, I have accumulated a stack of items which don't each require an entire post, but which I didn't want to overlook nonetheless. Think of this as a Tuesday round-up:

(1) From today's Ideal Bite bite, a collection of eco-friendly sunglasses made from materials such as wood, bamboo (yes, I know that's a type of wood, but it's extra cool), recycled plastic, and just plain-old vintage. Browse the list here.

(2) From Vital Juice's e-mail of about a week ago, peel-off nail polish! Made by Sula Beauty (which is available at Anthropologies and ULTAs around the country). This seems very summer camp during middle school to me, which makes me even more interested.

(3) If you are looking for something to do this July 4th weekend, consider signing up for one of the hundreds of road races (that's running -- and sometimes walking) taking place across the country this weekend. To find a race near you, click here.

(4) While you're running, or simply while you're outside, beware of the penetrating summer sun. I haven't tried it, but I'm intrigued by the UVSunSense bracelet which claims to help you determine when it is time to reapply sunscreen. Here's an explanation I took from a Vital Juice email: "While you're applying sunscreen, use a dab of lotion to coat the wristband where it says 'Apply sunscreen to this side.' The band will turn purple, indicating it's been activated. When you've absorbed too many harmful UV rays, the band morphs to brown signaling it's time to reapply." Find the bracelet here.

(5) And, finally, check out Correspondent Kate's post on Tales of Expansion about her experience volunteering at the NY Coalition for Healthy School Food's monthly family dinner night during which vegan pizza was served (I appropriated her picture of the pizza)! Very cool Correspondent Kate!

Tuesday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Milly Safari Shirt Dress

Neiman Marcus' sale continues, and it just reduced select women's and men's clothes 33%, including this shirt dress from Milly. On the model, the dress hits a couple inches above the knee, but once it's on a slightly shorter frame, I think it will hit perfectly at the knees. I especially like the longer roll-up sleeves that make the dress perfect for transitioning to the fall, and the bow at the waist that transforms a standard shirt dress into something a bit dressier and more feminine. The dress comes in the pictured olive; it is made from cotton and spandex. The dress originally was $395 -- with the 33% off, it is $261. Find it here.

Neiman Marcus also put a bunch of other work-appropriate dresses on sale, 33% off. Thought I would highlight two more:

Theory Belted Shirtdress (pictured left): in a pretty deeper blue, this shirt dress boasts roll-up sleeves like the Milly shirt dress. It is made from cotton and polyurethane, which I assume means the matching belt is faux leather, although before purchasing, I might specifically check into the material of the belt. The dress originally was $285 -- with the 33% off, it is $188.

Tory Burch Linen Dress (pictured right): this dress made entirely from linen definitely is a summer dress, especially with the white geometric print, ballerina neckline, and lack of sleeves. I would pair it with a cardigan, perhaps a darker cardigan. My favorite feature is the side-slit pockets. The dress originally was $465 -- with the 33% off, it is $307.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday's Vegan Suit: Grey Suit Via Reiss

Reiss is a store mainly based in Europe -- specifically London -- but it has a few stores in the United States, such as in NYC, SF, LA, Boston, and DC. It boasts a line of fashionable and sophisticated menswear and womenswear. From its website, I've grabbed my favorite of their women's suits that are vegan.

The jacket, titled the "Welback," has a single button at the front and a matching single button at the back and three matching buttons at the sleeve cuffs. It pairs with the "Emily" pants, which feature single button side tabs and a classic tailored leg. Or pair the jacket with the "Henrietta" skirt. I love the very tailored pencil skirt's curved waistband and tabbed sides. All pieces are available in the pictured "gravel" color. The suit is made from polyester, viscose, and elastane.

The jacket is on sale for $201 (originally $335); find it here. The pants are on sale for $95 (originally $190); find them here. And the skirt is on sale for $122.50 (originally $175); find it here.

If you want to make a complete outfit from Reiss, check out their "Maisy" cotton white fitted shirt with hook and eye front fastenings -- originally $170, on sale for $102 -- here.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Zulugrass Bracelets

These bracelets are available through One Village Gifts, which advertises itself as "unique treasurers for socially conscious shoppers." It collects and sells goods made by predominately women artisans from around the world: "Many of our artists are women who are producing handcrafted goods based on cultural traditions. . . . These women are given the opportunity to find independence from a life of poverty, gain self worth, and develop self-confidence."

Sounds good to me. And I particularly love the line of zulugrass bracelets from Kenya and Tanzania - natural grass beads dyed in over 200 rich color combinations are mixed with Czech glass beads to create intricate bracelets. The bracelet is available in the pictured purple hydrangea, pink maua, spring grass, blue angani, and new bud. Pair it with a full suit to add a pop of color. The bracelets are $24.95; find them here.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Brooks Brothers Trench

I know it's the beginning of summer and the last clothing item you want to consider is outerwear. But this trench is on sale and still available in many sizes. And its from Brooks Brothers. And its vegan. And its shapely, which is the problem I tend to have with most Brooks Brothers and similar trenches. And its short, which is my favorite length for a trench. So, I am posting.

The trench comes in the pictured khaki and a mellow sage. It's made from a cotton and lycra blend with a matching fabric covered belt and, importantly, faux horn buttons. The trench originally was $268; it is on sale for $134. Find it here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday's Work-Appropriate Shoes: Marais Flats

Available at MooShoes. These cute flat faux patent leather shoes with a tiny 1/4" heel and side cut-outs are perfect for more casual days at work or walking to and from the office. The tiny heel makes them dressier than the very flat flats that are pervasive lately. The shoes come in the pictured chestnut and in a green-tinted "Easter" color that I don't find all that office appropriate, though it may depend on the office. $49; find them here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Selections From Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale For Men

Vegan men's clothing! On sale! Here are some highlights from Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale For Men:

Nordstrom Traditional Fit Organic Cotton Dress Shirt: made from eco-friendly organic cotton, with classic single-button barrel cuffs and removable collar stays. Available in the pictured classic blue, pink and sage. Originally $59.50; on sale for $38.90 (35% off). If you are interested in dress shirts on sale, see also: Nordstrom Smartcare Traditional Fit Dress Shirt (originally $49.50, on sale for $32.90); Nordstrom Classic Fit Check Dress Shirt (originally $59.50, on sale for $38.90); and Nordstrom Classic Fit Dress Shirt (originally $45, on sale for $29.90).

Lone Cypress Pebble Beach UV Protection Performance Polo: perfect for more casual workdays or hanging out after work on the golf course, etc. Made from polyester, the polo is available in the pictured subtly textured black, and similarly textured navy, red, and peri blue. Interestingly, the shirt is anti-bacterial in addition to providing UV protection. Originally $59.90, on sale for $38.90 (35% off).

Shades of Greige 'The Starks' Shawl Collar Cardigan: there is something about this cardigan with its deep shawl collar that I find incredibly intriguing. I imagine the cardigan would look better on an older man in a work setting, though it may work equally for younger men. Obviously, I would pair it with a button-down shirt and not the see-through t-shirt worn by the model. The cardigan is made from a cotton / linen blend. It is available in the pictured ice grey and a darker graphite grey. Originally $119, it is on sale for $69.90 (40% off).

Polo Ralph Lauren 'G.I.' Chino Pants: classic chino pants available in the pictured "aviator navy," olive and white. I like darker chinos for business casual days; as such, I'd probably stay away from the white. Made from cotton and available in a number of inseams. Originally $98, the chinos are on sale for $64.90 (33% off). For chinos in brown taupe and tan, see Nordstrom Smartcare Flat Front Pants -- originally $55, on sale for $35.90.

Lacoste Half Zip Pima Cotton Sweater: every time Lacoste's half-zip sweater is on sale, I end up posting it; must mean I really like it. So, here it is again. Available in the pictured heather grey, black, and navy. Originally $155, on sale for $102.90 (33% off).

Tuesday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Vince Cardigan

Vince is one of my favorite work-appropriate clothing designers. Unfortunately, most of the Vince clothing line is made from cashmere or some other version of wool. But not this tab-sleeve cardigan -- it's made from 100% cotton, making it vegan! I love the tab sleeves paired with the "grandpa-ish" v-neck style and patch pockets. Pair it with nice trousers and a shell or button-down shirt to create a more casual, yet still work-appropriate outfit. The cardigan comes in the pictured medium navy. On sale via Intermix for $99 -- originally $235. Find it here.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Vegan Deal: Jane Marvel Sample Sale

If you live in NYC (or will be in NYC, Tuesday, June 23 - Thursday June 25, 10am to 7pm) and are looking for vegan handbags and related accessories, see informative flyer:

Monday's Vegan Suit: Men's Suits via Nordstrom Sale

Nordstrom is holding its men's half-yearly sale. There are two full suits on sale that are vegan. Unfortunately, both of them are in "lucky" sizes:

John Varvatos Star USA three piece suit in a light tan cotton: suit includes jacket, pants, and matching six-button vest with back-buckle tie (pictured left). I've blogged about this vegan suit before. As noted previously, obviously the vest is the best part of the suit. The suit originally was $795 and is on sale for $593 (33% off).

Ben Sherman "Kensington" suit in a rust-tinged blue (pictured right): suit includes two-button jacket and matching flat-front trousers. It's difficult to find a vegan suit for men in a dark color, which makes me love this suit by default. The suit is made from a cotton and nylon blend. Originally $595, it is on sale for $395 (33% off).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vegan On The Weekend: Gift Wrapping

It's Father's Day weekend; and it also happens to be my mother's birthday! Happy birthday Mom! Happy Father's Day Dad! I am at my parents' house celebrating the dual holiday . . . so I thought I would save some time and annex portions of a post from Ideal Bite regarding gift wrapping. In so annexing, let me plug Ideal Bite, which I read everyday. Ideal Bite offers "bite-sized ideas for light green living." It delivers eco-friendly living tips in a "short, sassy email" to your inbox every weekend. It's very reminiscent of Daily Candy.

Yesterday's "bite" was titled "Regifting 2.0"; it highlighted materials to wrap gifts that are eco-friendly and which the giftee may be able to use again, such as wrapping a gift in a tea towel or a bandanna. It also included a nifty factoid: "If every American family wrapped just three gifts in reused or reusable materials, we'd all save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields, every year." My favorite of the highlighted options is the Bobo wrapping scarves. These vibrantly pattered scarves fold into bags, wine carriers, and home decor, as well as reusable gift wrap. Depending on size, they are $9 and up.

Also, on Wednesday, Ideal Bite's "bite" was about eating vegan! Check out what they had to say and the highlighted foods here.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Designer Vegan Deal: Matt & Nat Now At Bluefly

"Eco-friendly arm candy," as Bluefly terms it -- aka Matt & Nat handbags and accessories -- have recently arrived at Bluefly. For all those not familiar with Bluefly, it is the "ultimate hook-up for the fashion obsessed," as it calls itself. I think Bluefly is a little too obsessed with itself, but it occasionally has some good deals on designer fashion and tends to offer an "OMG biggest sale ever" sale every other day -- so, it's worth checking in on occasionally.

And now it carries Matt & Nat products! I own the right pictured crinkled "Hamburg" large bowler in grey (the magenta is pictured; grey also available on Bluefly), which I got on even bigger discount through Gilt Groupe a month or so ago. I absolutely love the bag; the first time I used it, it immediately became my everyday, all-the-time bag. It's on sale for $192 (originally $275) on Bluefly. Find all of Matt & Nat on Bluefly here at between 30% and 40% off.

Also, Matt & Nat itself is holding a sale: 50% off select styles. Check out the sale here.

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Bookshelf and Bookends

I was browsing CB2's website this week when I came across this very intriguing bookshelf. First, CB2 is "a new destination from Crate and Barrel that dials up the fun." There are six stores across the country: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Berkeley, and LA. Apparently the idea is "shopping affordable modern."

Anyhow, when I saw this bookshelf, I was taken. It's essentially a five foot steel stick with ten steel sheets that hold books in stacks (up to 9 lbs per shelf). The whole thing is covered with a silver powdercoat (it also comes in orange). It's the perfect size for a small room or an office or even for stacking cookbooks in the kitchen, which, based on product reviews, seems to be a prevalent use for it. The bookshelf is $189; find it here.

And for use with more traditional bookshelves or on your home / office desk, these people bookends may be the perfect accessory. They are made from brass and aluminum with a white hi-gloss finish (they also come in chromed aluminum -- here). Based on reviews, they easily hold six or more large books. I find their shadows beneath each quite entertaining. They are $39.95 for a set; find them here.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to entries # 16 and #28 -- Gina and Cherry Blossoms -- the two randomly generated winners of Professional Vegan's first-ever giveaway. You each will receive a set of two books: the companion book to FOOD, INC. and Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation. Thanks to everyone who entered, and don't forget to check out FOOD, INC., now showing in a variety of cities and opening soon in others!

Thursday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Crochet-sleeve Top

Banana Republic is holding its summer sale -- up to 50% off select items. This crochet-sleeve top is part of the sale. With its detailed, slightly scooped neck and flowing short sleeves, its perfect to match with a nice pair of trousers or skirt for warmer summer days. Or you could pair it with a suit and not have to worry about what is under your jacket if you happen to ditch the jacket during the day. The top is made from cotton and rayon. It is available in the pictured khaki and a deep teal. Originally $69, the khaki is on sale for $44.99 and the deep teal is on sale for $59.99. Find them both here.

And, remember, The Professional Vegan's first ever giveaway ends today at noon EST . . . 2 sets of 2 books . . . check it out here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday's Work-Appropriate Bag: Valentino Fabric

I was alerted to Valentino's line of fabric bags from a reader. Thank you! Though most of the fabric line of bags have leather handles or are made from silk, there is one item that is 100% cotton -- the black bucket fabric bag adorned on the side with a large matching black bow. I'm not sure how I feel about the black bow in a work setting, though I think it reaches the level of office appropriate.

The bag comes in a medium and a large size. The large is pictured in its entirety; the bow of the medium is pictured. The medium bag is 11.7" x 10.9" x 5.3", which I think should be considered large; and the large bag is 17.9" x 10.9" x 5.1", which I think should be considered extra-large. Both bags are on sale, 40% off: the medium is $657 (originally $1,095) -- here; and the large is $837 (originally $1,395) -- here.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Giveaway of Interest: Envirosax

Leslie Elizabeth over at Jacksons World is hosting a father's day Envirosax giveaway. Envirosaxs are compact environmentally friends shopping bags that come in a variety of sophisticated and fun styles. Depending on the style, the bags can hold 22 - 44 lbs of groceries, clothes, and other goodies. Win one by entering the contest here.

Of course, don't forget to enter my FOOD, INC. book giveaway -- 2 sets of 2 books (the movie companion and Fast Food Nation). Entries end Thursday at Noon EST. Right here!

Also, Gilt Groupe is holding a Matt & Nat sample sale tomorrow, starting Noon EST. If you aren't a member of Gilt and would like an invitation, send The Professional Vegan an email at professionalvegan@gmail.com and I'll set you up.

Tuesday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: J.Crew Cardigan

This thin cardigan made from cotton and linen is perfect to pair with a solid colored dress or a pair of trousers and a solid color shell. The rib trim at the neck, cuffs, and hem that match the patch pockets, and the large-ish button add flair to this sophisticated cardigan. It is available in the pictured weathered stone and a pink/orange "melon." Originally $69.50, J.Crew has it on sale for $29.99; here.

And since father's day is approaching, a few father's day picks for men from J.Crew:
(1) shawl collar pullover -- made from cotton, available in black and white, $88, here;
(2) Thomas Mason white-collar dress shirt in summer stripe -- made from cotton, termed "a collector's item," $135, here; and
(3) charcoal glenplaid vest -- made from cotton, pictured, $78, here.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday's Vegan Suit: Classiques Entier Melange Suit

Via Nordstrom. I really like this suit, the jacket and the matching skirt equally. The jacket has detailed stitching highlights and accent front pockets. I am especially taken with the three-button closure, with the button set close to each other. The matching pencil skirt is cut for a slim fit and hits perfectly at the knee. And it comes with a removable matching belt . . . which I probably would never remove.

The suit is made from polyester, rayon, linen, and spandex blend of fabric -- yes, vegan! Unfortunately, the jacket is available online only in one size (14); but the skirt is available in a variety of sizes, and I think the jacket might be available in Nordstrom stores. Despite the dearth of jacket sizes, I wanted to post the entire suit because posting merely the skirt would do the suit injustice. The jacket is $268--available here; the skirt is $148--available here.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Books About What People Eat

In honor of Professional Vegan's first-ever giveaway, Friday's vegan accessory is my pick for top 5 books that make you think about what you eat: where it comes from, how it is cultivated, how it "matured," how it died, how much pollution it added to the planet, how eating it fits with your notions about life and earth. In no particular order and with no particular endorsements beyond the praise and critiques below:

(1) Matthew Scully's Dominion:The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy -- I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, this one of my favorite books because of its all-encompassing inquiry into "man's" (as Scully terms it) abuse of "his" God-given dominion over animals. Scully straight-away rejects arguments about rights, liberation, and ethics as applied to animals and focuses on "man's" capacity to use "his" power to bring mercy the animals "he" is in a position to control. In the realm of inquiry into the suffering of animals, Scully does a superb, detailed job. On the other hand, this is one of my least favorite books because of Scully's rejection of arguments about rights, liberation, and ethics, rather than simply setting the arguments aside and creating a robust alternative (whether it is primary or supplemental) argument. Reading the book, constantly having to substitute "human" in for "man," which Scully continues to use when he writes how people living today should act towards animals, alienated me often. In that alienation, I kept thinking about how his arguments, that in the end amounted to "being nice" to animals, easily could be translated to certain groups of people (i.e. his infamous "men") "being nice" to other certain groups of people (which has and continues to play out in society), and, primarily, that his arguments amount to a broad argument for reigning in the current status quo before it gets out of control and "man" loses "his" grip on dominion -- which essentially is an argument for continued domination, which is entirely antithetical to why I became vegan. Regardless, the book does enlighten as to the suffering of animals.

(2) Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions, edited by Cass Sunstein and Martha Nussbaum -- I am a lawyer; thereby, I am compelled to include a collection of essays, some of which come from legal scholars. I love the book because it is (very) academic, providing a throwback to my days as a student, and because each essay is its own entity, each to be returned to and considered anew without having to take up the entire book.

(3) Jeffrey Masson's The Face on Your Plate: The Truth About Food -- I've blogged about this book before. It's one of the most recent books about veganism to hit bookstores and I was delighted to see it in my local Borders last weekend. To highlight, my favorite part is where Masson terms himself "veganish" and discusses how he, seemingly the master of vegan, sometimes slips up.

(4) Peter Singer's Animal Liberation -- no list would be complete without Peter Singer. Indeed, Matthew Scully must contend with Peter Singer in Dominion, which he does almost immediately. Written in the 1970s and revised in the 1990s, Animal Liberation is one of the founding, if not the founding book of the modern animal rights movement. Not to be missed.

(5) Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal -- my favorite aspect of this book is its discussion of the meat industry's domination (as opposed to "dominion") of its workers, particularly its female workers: low wages, horrendous working conditions, rampant sexual harassment, immediate termination upon pregnancy. In fact, I first read Fast Food Nation because of an article in Bitch magazine about feminist vegetarianism; and I have found that article conveniently pdfed online here! And, of course, you have a chance to win this fabulous book, along with the FOOD, INC. movie companion book, in Professional Vegan's first-ever giveaway.

See this post for more information about the giveaway, remember that entries end Thursday (June 18) at noon EST, and don't forget to see FOOD, INC., which opens today in NYC, LA, and SF, and elsewhere throughout June and July.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Ever Professional Vegan Giveaway!!!

I'm thrilled to be hosting my first ever giveaway. I'm even more delighted because it's for a two (2!) pairs of books. I love clothing, but, honestly, I love books more. (How could I blog and not be obsessed with books and words?) And this giveaway includes one of my favorite books about food and veganism. Here it is:

This Friday, Magnolia Pictures is releasing the documentary FOOD, INC. in select cities (NYC, LA, and SF); during the rest of June and July, it will be expanding to additional cities. I've blogged about FOOD, INC. previously. In brief, FOOD, INC. explores our nation's food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that's been hidden from the American consumer; it features interviews with Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation) and Michael Pollan (The Omnivore's Dilemma), among others. Which leads to the giveaway . . .

Magnolia Pictures is offering two lucky Professional Vegan readers a pair of books: both the FOOD, INC. movie companion book and Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation (see pictures to jog memory of seeing these books in stores). That's two (2) winners who each get two (2) books.

Here's how to enter:
1. Comment below, on this thread, and tell me something about yourself or how you landed on this blog or what vegan-related book you most enjoy -- my content lends itself to non-commenting and I'd love to know how you got here, what you like, dislike, read, etc. Or, you may email me at professionalvegan@gmail.com. NOTE: I have comments set to blogger ID or openID -- if you know I'll be able to figure out how to get in touch with you based on that, comment away; otherwise, it's best to send me an email with your email address (or include your contact email in your comment).

2. You may only comment once, unless you share the giveaway on your blog, your facebook, or your twitter, etc.; if you do, come back & leave a second comment telling me where/how you shared -- then you’ll be considered to have two entries.

3. Winners will be randomly chosen and I’ll contact the winners to get your mailing address (and then Magnolia will send you the books). Entries end next Thursday (June 18) at 12 (noon) EST. In addition to emailing them, I'll announce the winners later that day.

Good luck!

Thursday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Martin & Osa Blazer

For men! Perhaps the approach of Father's Day is tuning me more into men's vegan clothing. Regardless, I really like this classically-cut blazer with clean lines in cotton seersucker. Martin & Osa pairs it with a darker-colored polo, which I completely agree with, though I would switch out the faded jeans for a nice pair of slacks -- perfect for dressier business casual days! The blazer's shell is 100% cotton, and the lining is made from polyester and viscose. Originally $160, it is on sale for $112 (which means it qualifies for free shipping). Find it here.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Designer Vegan Deal: Another White Bag

It seems to be handbag week; good deals keep popping up. Endless.com has this white MAXX New York "shopper" on super sale: 53% off -- list price $220, now $103.81 (and free shipping!). The bag is slightly smaller than the below Big Buddha bag: 13" high, 15" wide, and 5" deep. It is made from synthetic leather with fabric lining. Find it here.

Wednesday's Work Appropriate Bag: Big Buddha Messenger Bag

On sale via Piperlime's "lime tag sale." This Big Buddha messenger bag is huge -- 10" high, 22" wide, and 2" deep -- and comes with detachable cross-body strap; it's meant to (and will) wrap a bit around your body, even if you use the 6" drop shoulder strap. Perfect for carrying everything you need around town or to the office. The bag is on sale in the pictured white: originally $85, now $49.99. Like all Big Buddha bags, it is made from synthetic leather. Here.

Also check out these other vegan bags on sale: Chinese Laundry's all tied up tote in canvas with rope (originally $60, now $39.99); Pink Studio's Zera satchel in blue and fuchsia (originally $64, now $39.99); Big Buddha's Jade large foldover clutch in turquoise (originally $59, now $39.99); Puma's One-to-Two hobo in a lovely magenta-purple blend (originally $85, now $39.99) (pictured); and Melie Bianco's Rouched satchel in white and orange (originally $75, now $49.99).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Cardigan via Anthropologie

This "stretching acres" cardigan is made from a gauzy linen and rayon blend (yes, vegan!) to create a soft draping as it wraps around to button at the side by the waist. I especially like the longer short sleeves with elastic to create a bit of poofing and the collar-ish neckline. Pair the cardigan with a dark cami and a nice pair of slacks for a perfect dressy, but still business-casual summer look. The cardigan comes in the pictured purple and four other colors (yellow, pink, dark grey, and beige). $68; here via Anthropologie.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Designer Vegan Deal: Stella McCartney Handbag

On sale via Neiman Marcus' updated designer sale. Stella McCartney's "east-west lock-top tote" is made from navy textured faux leather with goldtone hardware. Originally $1,295, Neiman Marcus has it on sale for $868 (33% off). Find it here.

Monday's Vegan Suit: Calvin Klein Linen

For men! I realize it's been a long time since I posted anything substantial for men. I apologize. I will do better in the future. This two-piece Calvin Klein linen suit is available in two versions of tan -- the darker tan pictured and a lighter tan, almost white. I like the darker tan for hot summer days at the office -- cooler, but still professional. The suit is $299.99; available here via Men's Warehouse.

The suit is part of Men's Warehouse buy one suit get another free sale. I browsed through the suits and all the others online are made from wool, but the store might have a better vegan selection. Men's Warehouse also is offering buy one get one free on some of its dress shirts. I like the Joseph Abboud non-iron dress shirts with traditional one-button cuffs. It comes in six other colors in addition to the pictured blue. I'm not sure about the pairing of a rosy mango colored shirt with the above suit; I think I rather would pair it with a blue. The shirt is 100% cotton; $79.50; find it here.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Vegan on the Weekend: Miscellaneous Weekend Tees

Where I live, it rained and rained during the week. Miraculously, it cleared for the weekend. So, yesterday, I ventured out for a walk and did a little browsing along the way. Of note, I stopped in Gap and Banana Republic. Gap is offering a 3-day only (June 5 - today) 25% off sale on dresses. No dresses struck me as particularly amazing, but I did really like Gap's cotton summer t-shirts, especially the dip-dyed ones (pictured left in the cocoa). The shirt comes in a variety of faded colors, including gray, blue, and, my favorite, purple. The t-shirts are on sale -- 2 for $30. Find them here and here online, though there is much better selection in-store.

Banana Republic also is holding a summer dress event -- all summer dress $98 and under -- sale ends today. Again, nothing struck me as particularly amazing. Though, I did enjoy the pleated flutter-sleeve top (pictured right in the "nepal green"). The top also comes in a "deep pink." I think the top would look great with jeans for a more dressy-casual look on the weekend; it also might look good under a suit for work. Made from rayon and lyocell; $39.

While on the subject of weekend t-shirts and tops, I've been meaning to highlight Gaiam's "thoughtful tees." Each t-shirt has a "message that makes a difference" and ten percent of net sales from every thoughtful t-shirt goes directly to select nonprofits. The shirts come in a variety of colors with either long ($28) or short ($20) sleeves. They are all made from 100% organic cotton. My favorite is the "have a namaste" short sleeve tee in black (pictured). Find them all here.