Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yet Another Reason Not To Like PETA

An article from The Center For Consumer Freedom recently reported under the article title that "PETA Killed 95 Percent of Adoptable Pets in its Care During 2008." As noted by Feminist Law Professors, although the source of the information is a pro-meat industry group, the article seems accurate. The article reads:

Today the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) published documents online showing that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) killed 95 percent of the adoptable pets in its care during 2008. Despite years of public outrage over its euthanasia program, the animal rights group kills an average of 5.8 pets every day at its Norfolk, VA headquarters.

According to public records from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, PETA killed 2,124 pets last year and placed only seven in adoptive homes. Since 1998, a total of 21,339 dogs and cats have died at the hands of PETA workers.

Despite having a $32 million budget, PETA does not operate an adoption shelter. PETA employees make no discernible effort to find homes for the thousands of pets they kill every year. Last year, the Center for Consumer Freedom petitioned Virginia’s State Veterinarian to reclassify PETA as a slaughterhouse. . . .

. . . CCF obtained PETA’s “Animal Record” filings since 1998 from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Members of the public can see these documents at

Skeptical? Click here to see the documents.) . . .

Read the whole article here. I agree with what Feminist Law Professors wrote in reaction: "[Peta's] apparently so busy convincing women to appear naked, it doesn’t have time to find placements for homeless critters. Thanks a lot PETA, for making people who actually do care about animal rights look stupid and hypocritical by association."

I really do want to like PETA, but the more I learn, the scarier PETA becomes.

Tuesday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: New York & Co. Shirt

This shirt from New York and Company's "Collection" has it all -- the ruffles, the straight collar accented with the tie that is convertible into a bow and removable, the mini-ruffles at the end of cuffs -- I love it. The shirt is made from cotton, polyester, and spandex, which likely means that it is rather form fitting. It comes in the pictured taupe, white, and black. I think I like the taupe best, although the white is the most classic. $49; find it here.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday's Vegan Suit: Trina Turk Suit

Short sleeved jacket with goldtoned buttons, matching knee-length skirt with matching goldtone buttons at the waist, an interesting and summery multi-colored pattern on a white background -- I really like this suit, although the short sleeves combined with the big pockets on the jacket and the multi-colored pattern may be too much for some workplaces and/or some work situations. Then again, the suit includes a skirt.

The suit is made from cotton, acrylic, and polyester. The jacket is $298; find it here. The skirt is $228; available here.

Pair the suit with Trina Turk's cotton "bird" blouse, available in aqua and a dark pink colors. The blouse is $158; available here.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vegan on the Weekend: Flip-Flops

I am going to Florida in a few days for a mini-break. I'm just starting to think about packing . . . of course, I've already thrown a couple pairs of flip-flops into my bag. Accordingly, I thought I'd point out a few of my favorite flip-flops this season:

My absolutely favorite of all time is Reef's Ginger sandal (pictured left in the taupe/white color combo that I own): woven polyester strap that doesn't rub; "eva" outsole which lasts for miles and miles and slowly conforms to your feet; able to go in the water -- and float in the water for a bit when they fall off -- the perfect flip-flop. $19.99; buy them online here.

I also have a pair of Tory Burch flip-flops -- last year's version -- which come in a standard version and a wedge version this year, both in a variety of colors and patterns. The sandals remind me of Havanas; they have the similar gripping power and are made from similar gentle rubber. The standard version is $45 and the wedge is $55. Find all the versions via this link.

To replace the leather Rainbow flip-flops currently in my collection (these) and currently so worn down that I slip and fall when they hit sand, I very recently purchased a pair of Rainbow's hemp flip-flops with rubber soles in the pictured brown with narrow straps and the single layer arch support. I got them at the Rainbow store in Soho for 25% of their regular price of $40 (so, for $30). Find the hemp version here.

Finally, I really like the Simple "Cushee" sandals, but couldn't find them to try them on "in-person" during my latest shopping adventures. The sandals come in seven different color combinations; my favorite is the "rabbit" pictured left. They are made from a hemp upper, a "eva" topsole and midsole, and a combination of rubber an recycled pulp paper bottom. $28; here.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Brief Public Service Announcement

Not entirely vegan related, although I can link women's health, access to health care, reproductive freedom, and (non-)coerced choice to veganism pretty readily . . .

Support Rescission of the Bush Administration's Health Care Refusal Rule; via the ACLU:

When President Obama took office in January, the Bush Administration left him and the country to deal with its parting shot against women’s health: a Health Care Denial rule. Despite public objections, the rule undermines the ability of American women to obtain basic reproductive health care, including birth control and information about abortion.

The rule is unnecessary because federal law already carefully balances protections for individual religious liberty and patients' access to health care. The Bush rule, however, takes patients' health needs out of the equation. The rule appears to expand the ability of institutions and individuals to deny women access to birth control. It also permits individuals to refuse to provide information and counseling about basic health care services. And it appears to permit health care institutions to ignore other laws that guarantee access to reproductive health care.

Fortunately, the Department of Health and Human Services under President Obama has issued a notice for public comment on a proposal to rescind this dangerous rule. But, we need your help to ensure that HHS does the right thing. Please submit your comments to HHS in support of rescission by using the form below. Or, read more first.

Visit the ACLU action center to submit your comments.

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Autrepeau Collection

A sizable portion of the clothing items I post requires the addition of a camisole or other shell lining underneath. And I have found just the collection of "innerwear." Autrepeau, which is French for "other skin," makes camisoles (with adjustable straps), scoopneck cap-sleeve skin-tight tees, pant liners, v-neck 3/4 sleeve skin-tight tees, scoopneck tanks, sleeveless turtlenecks, and long-sleeve skin-tight tees and turtlenecks -- perfect for putting under sweaters to add extra warmth, wrap dresses, and suits. All the items are made from nylon and spandex. They range in price from $36 - $44. For a limited time, enter the code DCDEAL at checkout and receive 50% off. Find the collection here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday's Work Appropriate Clothing Item: Brooks Brothers Cable Sweater

Classic, sophisticated, great to wear under suits. I especially like the longer short sleeves, which make it easy to take off your suit jacket and not have to worry about the appropriateness of cap sleeves or sleeve-less, and the slight scoop at the neck, which allows for accessorizing the neckline.

The sweater is made from 100% cotton and it comes in the pictured "wedgewood," green, yellow, pink, and white. $98 ( . . . it's Brooks Brothers . . .). Find the sweater here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mid-Week Video Break

This video has nothing to do with professional vegan clothing, although it does feature Portia De Rossi, who apparently is launching a vegan shoe line in the near future, and it mentions animal abuse, sort of. Regardless, it's hilarious . . . and I simply had to post:

Wednesday's Work-Appropriate Shoes: Shuella

Great for getting to the office, though not exactly appropriate for in the office, Shuellas (a combination of shoe and umbrella) are just that -- umbrellas for your shoes. Shuellas are made from a waterproof vegan substance (aka - rubber); come in a convenient reusable pouch complete with a cloth to wipe off excess water before returning to the pouch after use; have a nonskid bottom; can slip over any type of shoe, including heels; and come in the same sizes as shoes so that your shuella actually fits comfortably over your shoes. Though I don't own a pair, I'm very intrigued.

Shuellas are available in a variety of colors, including black, of course. They are regularly $49.95, which includes shipping; for a limited time (now through April 24), you can get them for $34.95, including shipping, by entering the Shuella website through a special Daily Candy reader link, which I am revealing here.

And, to put under your Shuellas, check out Naturalizer's "Diverse" pumps (pictured left). I definitely categorize these pumps as classic, conservative, professional -- 2 1/4" heel -- great for pants suits that will cover the ultra-conservative criss-cross straps at the top. They are made from a fabric upper; the remainder is synthetic (though, I can't vouch for the content of Naturalizer's glue). Originally $69.95, onlineshoes.com is offering them for $59.99, including free shipping. Find them here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Work-Appropriate Dresses

Nordstrom is featuring "day dresses" on its website -- that is how I discovered today's work-appropriate dress. There are so many work-appropriate dresses that I couldn't resist pointing out a few more of varying prices in descending order:

Theory's "Analba-Crunch" Dress (pictured right): simple linen dress that will go well with a cardigan or a jacket. Made from linen with a touch of rayon. Available in the pictured "barley" and black. $275; find it here.

Helen Berman's Floral Sheath Dress (pictured left): whether or not this dress is appropriate depends on your office. Even if paired with a black cardigan, the flowers simply may be too big and the colors to bright and the background too white for some offices. But it really is gorgeous. Made from cotton and nylon. $238; available here.

Calvin Klein's Cargo Shirtdress (pictured right): though this dress has slightly large cargo pockets in the front, I think the buttons and decorative tie at the waist combined with the button-front collared bodice makes this dress work-appropriate. Made from polyester and spandex; available only in the pictured khaki and black combination. $118; find it here.

Tuesday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Lafayette 148 Shirtdress

Shirtdresses often are too casual for work, but the wide, ruched belt and bamboo buckle, the polished look created by the pleats and puffed sleeves, and the knee-length of this shirtdress makes it perfect for the office. I love that it has hidden front pockets -- perfect for those busy days at the office. Pair it with a light-colored cardigan to create an even more professional look.

The dress is made from cotton, polyamide, and spandex. It only comes in the pictured black; $498 (perhaps wait for a sale?); find it here via Nordstrom.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday's Vegan Suit: Brooks Brothers Poplin Suit

For men! Two-button jacket and matching pleated-front pants. Comes in the pictured khaki or a lighter stone. Made from cotton and polyester. $398; find it here.

Also, Brooks Brothers has a couple either vegan or almost-vegan suits, depending on your view of mother of pearl buttons, for women. I think the prevailing view is that the mother of pearl buttons make these suits non-vegan; too bad. But if you will wear the mother of pearl, check out Brooks Brother's seersucker suit (here), Brooks Brothers' mini-stripe suit with a short sleeve jacket (here), and Brooks Brother's cotton stretch suit (here).

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vegan on the Weekend: Yoga Clothing

Yesterday a friend sent me this picture she took of a clever (as she termed it and as I agree) advertisement in Old Navy:The ad made me think about yoga clothing, of course. I get almost all mine from Lululemon, which I believe prompted my friend to send me the picture. I've been purchasing $90 yoga pants and similarly priced tops, other clothing, accessories, and other yoga-inspired items from Lululemon since finding yoga studios that sold the Lululemon items you coveted was an often exhausting and futile endeavor. Now Lululemon seems to have become a household name -- at least if you practice or know about yoga -- and stores are springing up around the country. No website purchasing as of now, though I am certain that is likely to change in the near future.

Though there is little chance that I will stray from Lululemon, it is nice to see that other yoga apparel options are becoming commonplace. In addition to Old Navy (you can find its line of yoga clothing here -- pants start at $16.50, some tops are on sale for $10), JCrew sells yoga clothing online and through its catalog (not in the store). I recall a rather robust line, but its website is a bit sparse at the moment: see here.

Other brands I like include Be Present, which has a line of items made from earth-friendly fabrics, and prAna, which makes durable, fashionable yoga clothing and a large line of yoga-inspired items that are slightly dressier and less I-am-running-to-and-from-the-yoga-studio that Lululemon's. Of their new spring items, my favorite is the jewel halter dress (pictured). Made from organic cotton and spandex; it comes in the pictured black, white, and a deep brown. $75; find it here.

Both Be Present and prAna sell their merchandise via their websites. Though most yoga clothing and accessories are vegan, it is always good to check; for example, Lululemon now sells a leather bag (eeek!).

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Cufflinks

For women, I'm more into jewelry; but for men, I think cuff-links are one of the ultimate accessories. My favorite cuff-links for women are Brooks Brothers' standard knots made from 100% nylon that come in about 30 colors. Classic, simple, feminine, and readily misplaceable because they aren't too expensive. They are $9 per pair, or 4 for $20; find them here.

For men, my classic pick is Brooks Brothers' sterling silver button cuff-links mainly because I like the idea of a sterling silver button in place of a regular button. They are $125; available here.

For something less classic, I would go to Thomas Pink, which has a collection of really interesting, yet not overbearing sterling silver cuff-links in the shape of animals -- including many animals I would never have thought to put on cuff-links, such as rats (£85), pink panthers (£75), bulldogs (£75), and a really large fox that is the Pink icon (£85). However, my favorite by far is the silver robot cuff-links complete with a lapis lazuli stone as a body and eyes made of red crystals. They are £99; available here.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Nude Pump

In response to the post yesterday highlighting Neuaura's "Caroleena" pearl-colored pumps, a friend wrote me, "No!!! The Kohl's nude pump!!!!" So, here's the Kohl's pump that my friend can vouch for as "comfy and sexy . . . [my date] loved them": apt. 9 Modest Dress Heels in "blush" color (pictured right). The only sizes available online are 6 and 10, but I bet you can find more sizes in Kohl's stores. The pumps are made from faux-patent leather and have a 3.5" heel. Originally $54.99, they are on sale for $19.97. Find them here.

Thursday's Work Appropriate Clothing Item: Thomas Pink Online Sale

Thomas Pink, best known (at least to me) as the British creator of divine and insanely expensive shirts, is having an online sale. I'm not sure how long it has been going for, but there are still some vegan options remaining in a few select sizes, such as this "White Tailored Sabrina Women's Shirt" (pictured left). I love the puff sleeves and the lines of ruffles down the front. Perfect for summer! 100 % cotton; the shirt originally was £69 and is on sale for £35. Find it here; and, since there are few sizes in this shirt, and most other shirts, browse the entire sale here.

For men, check out Thomas Pink's new-ish line of jackets, such as the "Black Wrath Slim Fit Single-Breast One-Button Jacket" (pictured right), on sale for £125 (originally £350). Made from 93% cotton and 7% metal ("The Wrath features a metal triangle shaped stitch on the buttonholes and pockets and Melton undercollar"). As with the other sale items, it only is available in select sizes. Find it here.

Speaking of sales, Yoox's sample sale starts today for Daily Candy readers; up to 90% off over 20,000 products, including some Stella McCartney shoes (watch out; some are not vegan). The sale ends March 29th. Get in early by going to this week's Daily Candy weekend guide.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday's Work Appropriate Shoes: Neuaura Nude Pump

I've heard that nude pumps are the pumps to wear this upcoming season. My pick are these Neuaura "Caroleena" pearl-colored pumps via Vegan Chic. (Vegan Chic was formerly known as Vegetarian Shoes and Bags, but recently changed its name and increased its stock.) I love the oxford-style detailing and their chunky heel. Best of all, they are on sale: originally $83.99, now $73.99. Of course, they are 100% vegan. They come in the pearl-color pictured and "cappuccino." Find the pearl here, and the cappuccino here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday's Work Appropriate Clothing Item: Pinstripe Jacket

Just like yesterday's suit, only reversed. This Lauren by Ralph Lauren "Henriet Pinstripe Jacket" is made from linen and lined with acetate. I like the three button front closure, the pockets at the hips, and, best of all, the menswear inspired welt-pocket at the left chest. And, of course, the pinstripes are key. It is $250; available exclusively via Bloomingdales here.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren makes matching pinstripe pants, also available exclusively via Bloomingdales. However, I find the white with the black pinstripes a bit too much as an entire suit; I think the jacket would look much better with basic black trousers or a black skirt, as pictured. But, if you're interested, the pants are $159; here.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Vegan-Friendly Book: The Face on Your Plate

Amazon.com sent me Jeffrey Masson's The Face On Your Plate: The Truth About Food a week before its official release date of today, March 16, 2009. I read it immediately upon receipt. And it is fabulous. Really phenomenal. A must read -- if you're vegan, leaning vegan, a vegetarian who waivers in and out of eating fish, an avid meat eater . . . so, everyone.

In the book, Masson advocates for a completely vegan diet and provides carefully researched environmental and moral reasoning as to his position. Packed with often horrifying facts about how the animals the vast majority of the world voraciously consumes arrive on the world's plates, and how the impact of the consumption of those animals and their stolen products (milk, eggs) is one of the biggest contributors to the deterioration of the planet, The Face On Your Plate undoubtedly offers something for everyone, even the most knowledgeable about veganism.

My favorite aspect is his discussion of his path to becoming vegan and his daily life as a vegan. I was vegetarian between undergrad and law school, but certain health problems I encountered in law school caused me to ditch the vegetarian. However, my path to becoming vegan didn't truly begin until my third year of law school when I took a course that had nothing to do with animal rights or environmentalism. At the end of law school, a friend completing Jivamukti Yoga teacher training called me enraged about how humans dominate and oppress animals. Thinking of that certain course, I told her that humans also oppress other humans and that situation merits similar outrage; at that moment, I realized I could not remain outraged at the atrocities occurring between groups of humans while taking part in the pain inflicted on animals. And thus began my four month conversion period from a turkey-burger-eating law student to a vegan lawyer.

Masson also offers anecdotes about his life -- how he occasionally eats vegetarian at restaurants, how honey slips into his diet -- which, for me, proved to be the most helpful part of his book, perhaps because I already was aware of much of the factual evidence he presented. I set aside the vegan every so often for various reasons of varying merit (in my view), and I think it's important to know that even the vegan "experts" have similar experiences and tendencies.

Whether you're interested in knowing more about the treatment of animals, the effect of diet on the environment, and/or life as a vegan, I highly recommend The Face On Your Plate. You will not be disappointed.

To learn more about Jeffrey Masson, his work, and the book, visit his website. And . . . purchase the book via Powell's Books (one of Masson's bookstore choices) here.

Monday's Vegan Suit: BCBG Pinstripe

Ever since Glenn Close's character on Damages wore a pinstripe suit during a few episodes, I've wanted one, but couldn't locate a semi-reasonably priced one that was vegan -- until now! Presenting . . . BCBG Maxazria's "Mailin Pinstripe Jacket" and matching "Camilla Straight Flare Pant." Deep navy with white pinstripes. Made from cotton and spandex. The jacket is $218 (here) and the pants are $168 (here). And BCBG is running an online promotion: $100 off a purchase of $300 or more; enter code SPRING09 at checkout.

I haven't decided how good it would look with the suit, but I really like this white "poplin bow-tie blouse" (cotton, nylon, spandex; $148).

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Relaxing on the Weekend

It's a cloudy, potentially rainy Sunday where I am located, which means it's time to take a long, luxurious bath. I'm still working through some of my pre-vegan bath products, many of which I assume are not vegan. But, over the holidays, one of my best friends sent me a gift set from Lush filled with entirely vegan items! I love it all, especially the handmade soaps. They are pretty to look at too, such as the ice blue soap (a peppermint soap; here). A search of Lush's website reveals that it has over 200 vegan product, all clearly marked as such, so check it out!

And recently (as in 2 days ago), I stumbled across a retailer of natural spa and body products, all created by hand, all never tested on animals, and all vegan: Cactus & Ivy. The company is based out of California and sells body lotion, body balm, body scrubs, face moisturizer, and lip balms, among other items. Check out the complete product line here.

Cactus & Ivy markets sampler packages, which I would love to try! Better yet . . . which I would love to win . . . MF4U is giving away one Traveler Sampler to a lucky reader. Enter the contest here! This is what you could win:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vegan on the Weekend: Casual T-Shirts

My typical weekend outfit consists of flip-flops, casual jeans, and a t-shirt, preferably a t-shirt in a subdued color such as navy, gray, or an army-ish green. So far, my favorite t-shirts are from James Perse and Banana Republic, but, of course, I am amiable to expanding my collection.

Recently I stumbled upon Edun Live, a brand of organic cotton t-shirts. I love their mission statement:

T-shirts need to assume an elevated status in our society. If they really mean so much to us, why do we wear them so carelessly, toss them in stinky laundry piles, sully them with stains of coffee, ale, or blood? The t-shirt deserves to have a noble cause behind it, something that matches in intensity and relevance our love for these little pieces of cotton. Hence, EDUN LIVE. We make t-shirts that support sustainable socioeconomic development. . . . Our shirts are made in Africa by Africans. We support communities, give jobs to the jobless, and teach skills to people who lack specialized training. . . . We feature 100% certified organic cotton t-shirts in our product line and make great efforts to help farmers transition from conventional cotton farming to organic farming through our development of the Conservation Cotton Initiative with the Wildlife Conservation Society. . . . This, finally, is an endeavor that is worthy of the holy, sainted t-shirt.
I agree. Find the t-shirts here. My pick is the Eve - Gal's Organic Tee in the black (of course), deep purple, forest green (pictured), or graphite grey. $28; buy three or more of the same style, color, and size and save 20%.

I'm also intrigued by the boyfriend tee style that is becoming more prevalent, such as the Frenchi boyfriend tee I saw at Nordstrom last weekend as I zoomed past the juniors section (pictured left in "heather antler"). I know, it's juniors . . . but, it's a baggy weekend t-shirt, so I assume the fit isn't very "junior"-ish in the end. The tee is made from polyester and rayon and is $20. Find it here. If you're not convinced that "junior" is for you, similar to the Frenchi tee are Trouve's v-neck boyfriend tee (polyester, cotton, rayon; $28) and Trouve's one pocket boyfriend tee (polyester, cotton, rayon; $28).

Finally, renewing my love of James Perse, the relaxed v-neck tee seems to be his version of the boyfriend tee (cotton; $50). Also, Bluefly is offering James Perse's cotton crewneck t-shirt on sale for $32 (originally $53; 40% off) -- here.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bonus Accessory: Juicer

I've been yearning for a juicer for awhile, particularly a juicer that can handle greens such as spinach as well as apples, oranges, bananas, and other yummy fruits. Pursuant to my new obsession with blog giveaways, I have located a contest for a juicer! Hooray!

Hangry Pants is offering one lucky reader a Lexen Healthy Juicer, which is a manual wheat grass and leafy greens juicer, from 877MyJuicer.com. That's a $44.95 value . . . I want it so bad that if I don't win, I might have to go out and purchase my own. I really like the idea of a manual juicer -- more control, portable, doesn't suck energy out of the electrical socket, etc. Enter the contest here!

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Molecule Dish

Via Merchant No. 4. The Molecule Dish is part of the "Setcast" Collection designed by London design firm, voonwong&bensonsaw. It comes in three sizes: the pictured medium, small, and large. Perfect for serving appetizers that require an array of condiments, displaying interesting trinkets . . . conversation. The dishes are made from handmade bone china in China. The small is $65, medium is $75, and the large is $90 -- a little hefty on the price, but oh so interesting.

**** UPDATE: so, I goofed -- these dishes PROBABLY ARE NOT vegan. Ever hear stories about vegans eating egg noodles simply because they don't realize that egg noodles means actual eggs and were told that pasta is almost always vegan and thus have conditioned their minds to associate pasta with acceptable food? Just apply that tale here. I didn't look into whether their "bone" china was actual, true, authentic, made from cattle (I assume) bones. If a dish doesn't have leather lining (you would surprised what you can buy out there), I usually take a mental shortcut and assume it's vegan. Thus, I completely overlooked the "bone" part of the china here. I still haven't looked into it . . . so, I can't tell you if the dishes are "faux" bone china. But, yes, they may not be vegan. Regardless, check out the two items below. ****

Also! For eco-friendly, sometimes vegan accessories (and some clothing) ideas, check out 1GreenProduct.com, an awesome site which offers news and reviews on some of the best green products that you can buy today.

And! Speaking of eco-friendly living, did you know that last year Americans used over 100 billion (BILLION! 100!) plastic bags? Get the ball rolling and pledge to get off plastic right here! I have been using canvas and other totes (such as the bags I get when I purchase yoga clothing and other items from Lululemon) for a couple years. If those two (well, maybe only the first) facts aren't enough to convince you to ditch the plastic, watch this video:

And remember -- take the pledge here.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Round of Giveaways

I'm really into the giveaways -- big time. So, here are three more:

First, An Apple A Day is picking three winners to receive a variety pack of PURE bars. PURE bars come in six flavors, all of which are vegan! Learn more about PURE bars and enter the contest here.

Second, both Jenn at Eating Bender and The Fitnessista are each giving away a Quaker "All Natural Gift Bag" which includes a robe and slippers made with organic, earth-friendly materials, plus a few boxes of their newest flavor of Quaker Simple Harvest Chewy Granola Bars - Trail Mix! The granola bar contains honey -- so, not vegan -- but the robe and slippers look divine. Learn more about the giveaways and enter both: here (Eating Bender) and here (The Fitnessista).

Third, RunToFinish is giving away a bag of Matilda's Kitchen's flax blends . . . great to add to smoothies . . . and vegan! Check out info about the contest here.

Thursday's Work Appropriate Clothing Item: White House Black Market Plaid Pants

On super sale! These black/cream plaid pants come in every size, but only in a 29.5" inseam, which, I know, is too short for some people, possibly including me, but the sale price is too good not to post: $29.99 (originally $108)! Made from polyester, viscose, and spandex. They are on sale via White House Black Market's website here.

Also, one of my friends mentioned that she wants a handbag with chain handles. I'm not sure her specifications, but thought I would note White House Black Market's "Status Regency Print Satchel," which is made from polyester and pvc (faux patent leather) and features a convertible single or double chain drop. Originally $68, on sale for $29.99. Find it here.

In addition to the handbag, my friend also is looking for sandals with a heel, but not too high a heel. As to this request, as it seems I am on a roll, I thought I would mention White House Black Market's "Triple Ring Sandal," which is available in select sizes -- most importantly, including hers. Made from synthetic upper and sole (same faux patent leather), they feature a 2.25" heel. I've never owned shoes from White House Black Market, so cannot speak to their comfort, but these definitely look cute! Originally $58, they are on sale for $29.99. Find them here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Vegan Food Giveaways!

I should institute a weekly vegan food giveaway post . . . although, then all the giveaways might disappear. For now, here are two more that may interest you:

First, Heather over at Heather Eats Almond Butter is hosting a super exciting coconut milk product giveaway. (She deems it "exciting," but I deem it "super exciting" because I eat so much soy that by the time I take out my soy ice cream at night, I usually put it back in the freezer due to soy overload.) The giveaway is: one free coupon to try any (ANY!) Turtle Mountain dairy free dessert or yogurt . . . including their line of coconut milk products, such as their new coconut milk yogurts (which I desperately want to try, but fear that my usual grocery stores won't carry it -- sad). All Turtle Mountain products are vegan . . . so, go check out their website and enter Heather's giveaway here.

Second, Missy Maintains is offering one lucky reader the chance to win his/her favorite flavor of each of the following Erin Baker's products: organic breakfast cookies, organic breakfast cookies minis, organic brownie bites, ultra protein granola, and homestyle granola. That's 5 items! Check out Erin Baker's website to learn more about the products, of which some of the cookies are vegan. (The granola incorporates honey, there aren't any vegan cookie minis, and the brownie bites have eggs . . . but . . . we all have non-vegan friends to take the loot off our hands.) Enter the giveaway here.

Wednesday's Work Appropriate Bag: Beckon's Bows

The huge bow on this tote may make it not truly work appropriate, but I thought I would post anyhow because it's large, but not too large, comes in a variety of colors, and is vegan. I particularly enjoy the 10" drop of the straps -- the bag will sit nicely under the arm. It's made from cotton, polyester, and metallic fibers, and is available in the pictured black, beige, pink and yellow. $168; available via Nordstrom here.

Beckon makes a similar bow clutch, which also comes in the same four colors (the beige is pictured) and is made from the same vegan fiber mix. It's $98; also available via Nordstrom here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday's Work Appropriate Clothing Item: DKNY Short Sleeve Dress

Classic crew-neck, perfect knee-touching 39 inch length, and professional short sleeves make this DKNY dress a great summer wardrobe option. If you are in an air-conditioned office, pair it with a sweater (not black - add some color). And for meetings, you can pair it with a blazer (not completely black - again, add some contrasting color). The dress is made from viscose and elastane and is lined with ramie, viscose, and elastane. It is $295. Find it here via Shopbop.

For a pairing idea, I find this Brochu Walker duplex sweater coat very intriguing, though prohibitively expensive: 100% cotton, a whopping $526. Depending on your office culture, this Juicy Couture shrunken jacket may be a good match, especially with its white contrasting, though the jacket combined with the dress might be too much black on black: cotton, rayon, acetate, $348. Or perhaps this William Rast jacket (pictured), which is similar to the Juicy Couture, but with flipped colors (beige with black contrasting): cotton with polyester lining, $297.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Madberries Giveaway: Melie Bianco Clutch!

From the Professional Vegan's inbox . . . Madberries, a website that gives away the latest fashion (clothing, accessories, lifestyle items) via drawings you can enter once daily, just made its television debut. And it featured Melie Bianco's colorblock, mock-croc, vegan-friendly Tri-Fold Clutch, which is available to win on the site. You can enter the contest here and check out the television debut here.

While you're at it, browse Madberries in general -- it currently is holding contests for a variety of vegan-friendly items, such as this Puma watch and this Chloe canvas tote.

Monday's Vegan Suit: John Varvatos Three-Piece Suit

For men! Via Nordstom -- a three piece suit (jacket, vest, pants) available in the pictured tan (very spring / summer appropriate). The suit is made from cotton. The jacket is lined and the pants are lined to the knee. I really like the matching vest, which helps dress up an otherwise semi-casual suit. All three pieces are $795. Find the suit here.

Compliment the suit with a dress shirt from John Varvatos, such as this grey and tan striped shirt (cotton and nylon; $125).

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vegan on the Weekend: Jellies

When I first inventoried my shoes after committing to maintaining a vegan lifestyle, I thought that my Stuart Weitzman clear jelly shoes with little crystals on their fronts were vegan . . . but, alas, they are not. The jelly shoes are decorated with a silver bow -- that I'm almost positive is made from leather -- and the footbed is definitely leather. Eeek. Regardless, I have had them for almost three years (essentially pre-pre-vegan) and they are super comfortable and great to wear during weddings when my feet hurt after dancing . . . so, I am keeping them until they fall apart. The closest items Stuart Weitzman currently has for sale are its jelly thong sandals, which still incorporate leather, and look nothing like my shoes. If you're intrigued, you can check them out here. And, even better, you can find a version of mine on Zappos . . . here (pictured).

But, because of the jelly trend, there are a number of cute jelly shoes that don't incorporate leather (and, of course, like the Stuart Weitzman's, some that do). My favorite is Burberry's jelly thongs. They come in 4 colors: white, citrine (lightish green), plum, and black (pictured -- I really do pick black 95% of the time if the option is present). 100% rubber! They are $125 -- and are available online at Burberry and Nordstrom.

Very similar to Burberry's t-strap jelly thongs are Jimmy Choo's jelly thong sandals. Made from rubber upper, lining, and sole. They come in the pictured "caramel leopard" and "black zebra" (both via Nordstrom). They are $175 -- which, to me, seems a bit over the top for jelly thongs.

There also is Tod's version of the Burberry and Jimmy Choo . . . which is available online through Neiman Marcus and through its website. The t-strap jellies come in white, clear, red, and black, and seem to be made entirely of rubber. However, they boast a little tassel tie-thing at the top of the t-strap that I fear may be made from leather. They are also $175.

More in the traditional style of jelly shoe, rather than thong or flip-flop, is Tory Burch's jelly version of the "Reva" logo ballet flat. The jelly version comes in purple (pictured), parrot pink, medium navy, equestrian orange, and bright yellow. They are made entirely from rubber. I've seen the jellies in person, but did not try them on. They look very cute; and the three holes as vents near the inside arch are especially endearing. I assume they are either are very comfortable or skin-cutting and squeaky. At $95, they are the least expensive designer option.

Finally, Givenchy's "Lace-Up Jelly" qualifies as a jelly . . . and it is quite an intriguing twist on the jelly. I think the picture says it all. There is a hidden 1" wedge heel. Though they are made from rubber, I fear that the laces could be leather . . . something to check in-store. They come in the pictured off-white and black. $170; available via Saks here.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Giveaway!

This one's for a tote bag! I discovered the giveaway through Passionate Green -- this post. The "contest" is for one of Focus Organic's Print Pattern Library Chic Totes designed by Rebecca Peragine. There are 6 versions you can choose from if you win! To enter, visit this post at Focus Organic.