Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday's Vegan Suit: Anne Klein New York Skirt Suit

Two-piece onyx skirt suit via Anne Klein. I especially enjoy the double breasted jacket decorated with notches at the collar and pockets. The side tabs on the jacket add a bit of extra flare. Pair the suit with a black cami or perhaps a black or maroon sweater with a higher neckline. The suit is made from polyester and viscose. Originally $320, the suit is on sale for $199.99.

Find the suit via Anne Klein's website here.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Wall-Mounted Bookshelves

My book collection is a bit out of control -- in stacks on the floor, etc. -- and the walls of my apartment are rather bare, so I have been thinking about how to remedy both situations at once. The best solution I have found so far is the bookworm shelf (pictured on wall with chair underneath). Truthfully, my friend who is obsessed with the MOMA catalogue and store found it; I simply appropriated the idea. The bookworm is a flexible bookshelf that can be constructed in various curvy shapes to decorate your walls. Approximately 20 pounds can be stored between each of the seven bookend supports. Made from batch-dyed fire-retardant PVC. The bookworm shelf is $425; find it here.

A more economical option, but very similar, is the "Lovely Rita" wall shelf (pictured right with two side by side of wall). As noted by Smart Furniture, the Rita wall shelf "can exist as a single wall shelf or can be fitted side-by-side with a series of modules to form an arrangement of curvy shelves snaking across your wall." The shelf is available in the pictured black, bright red, a deep blue, and white. Unfortunately, the website doesn't say how many pounds of books the shelf can hold. Each shelf is $285; find it here.

A much, much more economical option is the conceal bookshelf (pictured left as though on wall), also found via the MOMA store. This metal shelf mounts on the wall and then attaches to the bottom flap of one book (I think it must be a hard-back book). Each shelf accommodates up to fifteen pounds (about three law school textbooks or ten regular books) and can be stacked up to sixteen inches. If you have certain favorite prolific authors, I think it would be interesting to stack their books in different towers all over the walls. Each shelf is $15 at MOMA. Alternatively, each shelf is $11 at Smart Furniture; find the same shelf for less here.

Finally, something a bit similar, is the "Flybrary Bookshelf" (pictured right as though on wall). This metal mounted shelf hangs your books on metal strips to create the surface of the shelf. I think for maximum effect, all your hung books should be hard-back. Also, I'm not sure if I like the idea of sticking a piece of metal through all my books; though, it might be nice to combine the Flybrary shelf with the Conceal shelf to create contrast as to the orientation of the books magically floating on your wall. Each shelf holds up to 20 pounds. The Flybrary bookshelf is $30; find it here via Smart Furniture.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vegan Sale and Vegan Purchase: Edun Live

Edun Live, the companion site of Edun, is holding a sale now through August 31: 50% off all blank t-shirts (including long-sleeve . . . perfect for the upcoming fall and winter seasons). Edun Live makes t-shirts that support sustainable economic development: they employ people in Africa who might otherwise be unemployed, meaning the shirts are made in Africa by Africans. The shirts are high-quality: if you can get away with wearing a nice cotton t-shirt underneath work suits, these are perfect.

I purchased the organic t-shirt for women in deep purple (pictured) and super maroon. Each originally were $25, and I got each for $12 on sale. Thinking of the impending colder weather, I also purchased the long-sleeve crew-neck tee (for women) in classic navy (also pictured). It originally was $28, and I got it for $14.

Find the organic t-shirt here (available in many more colors), the long-sleeve tee here (available also in forest green), and all the blank t-shirts for women and men here.

Thursday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Cut Colors Cardigan

This cardigan is via Anthropologie. Pair it with solid trousers: black, brown, navy blue. Depending on your office, put a button-down shirt or nice t-shirt underneath, and add some colored pumps to give your final outfit a bit of a pop. The multi-colored diamonds decorating the cardigan also will add some color to your outfit. The back of the cardigan has one line of larger diamonds at the bottom, creating a more subdued back. The cardigan is made from cotton. $148 (I would wait for a sale); find it here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday's Work-Appropriate Bag: Lacoste Classic Collection

Macy's is offering Lacoste's "classic every day" collection of shoppers, bags, and hobos on sale, including the left pictured medium shopper. The collection is made from polyester with PVC (vegan!). The pictured shopper comes in candy floss (light pink), sea blue, sunflower (bright yellow, and white. Originally $150, the bag is on sale for $104.99 and qualifies for free shipping. Find the medium shopper here.

Also included in the collection and on sale are: (1) classic every day hobo -- originally $115, on sale for $79.99 -- here; (2) classic every day small shopper -- originally $114, on sale for $78.99 -- here; and (3) classic every day small vertical shoulder bag -- originally $88, on sale for $55.99 -- here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Designer Vegan Deal: Vera Bradley

Quick heads up. A limited selection of Vera Bradley bags and accessories are on sale now for drastically reduced prices at RueLaLa.

If you need an invitation to access the site, email me at

Tuesday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Bell Sleeve Dress

I don't actually own a bell sleeve dress, mainly for two reasons: (1) I don't tend to wear dresses, though I think I might wear one with bell sleeves; and (2) every time I try on a bell sleeve dress, it doesn't look right on me. Regardless, I am still drawn to bell sleeve dresses and if they look good on you, I think they are very work-appropriate as long as they aren't too short. The pictured "Muse Bell Sleeve Ponte Knit Shift" dress is a recent addition to Nordstrom's website. It comes in the pictured eggplant and is made from rayon, polyester, and spandex. Though the dress hits a bit high above the knee on the model, I think it would be fine for most people. I especially enjoy the black contrasting curves on the bell sleeves. The dress is $148; find it here.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Vegan Purchase: Jeans Via Ann Taylor Loft

In the past, I haven't purchased jeans from Ann Taylor Loft, nor have I thought to. Though I usually buy designer brand jeans because they fit my lack of hips better and tend to last longer (i.e. not solely because they are designer), I have stayed away from jeans from the places I buy suits and other work clothing because their waistlines are usually way, way, way too high. But when I went to Ann Taylor Loft this weekend in search of the suit mentioned in my previous post (which was a futile search, unfortunately), I noticed that the Loft was offering $20 off every pair of its jeans and that it had introduced a new "Marisa" fit, which supposedly sat low, low, low on the waist, presumed you didn't develop much in the way of hips, and came in a "trouser" cut that naturally allowed for a slightly higher waist anyhow.

Lured by my lack of jeans, the fashionable and functional "trouser" cut, the deep dark wash that could turn "trouser" jeans into casual-Friday appropriate attire in many places, the buttons on the back pockets (I'm a sucker for buttons on the back pockets of my jeans -- see picture), and the $20 off, I tried them on. Remarkably (and unexpectedly), they fit very well! And they came in petite, with a 30" inseam, meaning I didn't have to get them hemmed. So I purchased them.

The jeans are made from 99% cotton and 1% spandex, which gives them a bit of stretch. When I tried them on, I thought I was in-between sizes. Considering the spandex, I bought the tighter size. It was a good choice: after wearing them for 15 minutes, the spandex loosened and they fit perfectly. The jeans are $69.50; with the $20, I got them for $49.50. Find the jeans here.

Monday's Vegan Suit: Ann Taylor Loft City Suiting

I have blogged previously about Ann Taylor Loft's city suiting collection. Recently the Loft added a one-button suit blazer to the collection (pictured in the melange grey), and matching pants and a skirt. The blazer (and the matching pieces) also comes in black. It pairs with two different cuts of boot leg pants ("ann" and "julie") and with a pencil skirt. The suit is made from polyester, viscose, and spandex. The blazer, "ann" version of the pants, and the skirt are available in stores. All items come in petites, although only the "ann" version of the pants is available in petites in stores.
The blazer is $128; find it here. The pants are $79.50 each; find them here and here. And the skirt is $59.50; find it here.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Iced Coffee

Another (another!) heat wave is hitting where I live. This morning, the doggie woke me up at 4:30, 5:30, and then finally 6:30 -- when I actually got up --to advise me of the hot weather situation. I know it's not actually hydrating, but I love iced coffee on hot mornings. In the future, instead of going to Starbucks and spending a small fortune every day, I think I might try a more economical version of iced coffee I recently stumbled upon at the Lamill Coffee Shop: the Hario iced coffee maker (pictured in all its contraption glory).

To make iced coffee in an instant, all you need to do is put the grounds in a filter and place the filter in the cone-shaped dripper, which rests atop a pitcher with a large ice chamber in the middle. Then pour hot water over the grounds; as it drips, the brew will cool rapidly. Iced coffee in a flash! The iced coffee maker is $30. Find it here. You'll note that Lamill Coffee Shop also stocks a variety of iced coffee maker sets that come complete with lamill coffee shop coffee and filters.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Article of Vegan Interest About Jelly Shoes

On Monday (Aug 17), the New York Times ran an article by Jessica Michault titled, "The Reincarnation of the Jelly Shoe, With a Designer Flair." The article discusses the pervasiveness of jelly shoes in designers' shoe lines this summer, specifically mentioning Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, See by ChloƩ and Tory Burch. The comeback of jelly shoes is a blessing for vegans: finding cute and trendy footwear from mainstream designers that are vegan is practically impossible save a flip-flop or a sneaker here and there. But with the proliferation of jelly shoes, every vegan can wear designer shoes, provided the jellies are comfortable and she (or he) wants to designer-brand-herself (or himself). This summer, I have been wearing Tory Burch's jelly version of her famous Reva shoe (in navy blue), and Burberry's jelly thong sandal (in black).

I'm interested to see what designers create for the fall and winter. According to the article, it was the rise of Crocs that caused designers to launch into the jelly shoe arena. This winter, as it did last winter, Crocs will offer a variety of fleece (vegan!) lined Crocs appropriate to the colder weather (see picture). I'm not much of a fan of Crocs -- too wide for me; perhaps a few designers will create something to take the place of these Crocs.

Thursday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: V-Neck Sweater

From Ann Taylor Loft. A friend recently purchased this v-neck sweater with three-quarter length sleeves in the pictured deep teal and deep rose. Both look fabulous on her and are perfect for her business casual work environment: she intends to pair them with black or deep gray slacks. The sweater also would pair nicely with a full suit.

The neckline features two-layered ribbed trim, which adds a subtle flair to the sweater. However, the v-neck is a bit low and the fabric is a bit see-through; as such, I would suggest wearing a cami underneath. In addition to the two pictured colors, the sweater comes in seven other colors, including a "majestic plum" that I am very fond of. The sweater is made from 100% pima cotton.

The sweater is $39.50. My friend got 2 for $49.50 in the store: buy one, get the second for $10. Online, if you buy one, you get the second 50% off: so, 2 for $59.25. Find the sweater here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday's Work-Appropriate Bag: Nau Bags

One of my best friends forwarded me an email about Nau bags that originally came to her via Thrillist. According to its website, Nau uses environmentally friendly fabrics to create functional, elegant design. Nau sells women's and men's clothing, and accessories.

My favorite of their current offerings is the new Motif Courier (pictured). Nau's description says it all: "A refined take on the classic messenger bag, the Motil Commuter shapes technical fabrics into a cleanly integrated design. Pared down and water repellent, this shoulder bag moves easily from the saddle to the office or studio, carrying comfortably all your daily gear." The messenger bag comes in the pictured caviar. It is made from woven from durable recycled polyester and comes complete with a 17" laptop sleeve. (However, the shoulder strap has recycled wool padding -- I've yet to decide whether recycled animal products are or are not vegan . . . I guess technically they aren't, but, then again, the exact item wasn't made by using an animal -- thoughts??) The bag is $225; find it here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday's Vegan Clothing Item: Military-Inspired Jacket

This "Bailey 44 Double Breasted Stretch Knit Jacket" is available via Nordstrom. I think your office needs to be on the edgy side of the "conservative" vs. "liberal" dressing spectrum for you to pull this off at work. But, otherwise, it would be great on the weekend. I love the epaulets at the shoulders and the piping. The jacket comes in the pictured charcoal grey. It is made from rayon, nylon, and spandex. A whopping $350 (perhaps waiting for a sale is in order, especially if you think this piece would be frowned upon in your office); find it here.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vegan Deal: Blue Avocado Summer Blowout Sale

Blue Avocado, purveyor of very functional reusable bags that scrunch up into a little egg that is super easy to carry in your purse, is holding their summer blowout sale: 40% off all purchases of $29.99 and above. My favorite Blue Avocado items are the gro-pac collection full kit, which replaces 16 grocery bags and folds up neatly into one bag (pictured), and the insulated chil bag, perfect for carrying items that need to be kept cold. Visit Blue Avocado and enter gooodkarma40 at checkout for your 40% off; sale ends August 31.

Monday's Vegan Suit: Jones New York Mini Ticking Stripe Suit

This Jones New York suit is a two-piece complete suit: the jacket and pants come together, meaning you have to buy them both in the same size. Only about 50% of the time do both pieces of such suits fit me; as such, I prefer mix-and-match suits. However, complete suits such as this one usually are less expensive in the end. This suit comes in the pictured "bark multi," which has a "subtle stripe to add some depth and interest," according to the Jones New York website. Both the pants and the jacket are fully lined. The suit is made from 92% polyester and 8% rayon. It is on sale for $159.99; find it here. Also, Jones New York is offering free shipping on all orders over $100; check out the website for more details.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Designer Vegan Deal: Urban Decay Sale

Urban Decay, purveyor of a huge line of vegan cosmetics, is hosting its Friends & Family sale online now through August 30th. My friend who alerted me to the sale "highly recommends the 24/7 eye liner pencils, the brushes (amazing), eye shadow primer potion, and the eye shadows (the less glittery ones), especially the deluxe shadows." I enjoy Urban Decay's de-slick mattifying powder, perfect for nights out when oil and shine pervade. Find the mattifying powder here ($29).

The code for the event is FNFF1; it'll give you 30% off your whole order until 8/30.

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Kalevala Moon Goddess Earrings

I've been coveting these earrings for awhile now. They dangle (in multiple places!), feature an intricate design, and are not too large -- perfect! The Kalevala Moon Goddess Earrings are part of a collection available at Finn Style (yes, they are made in Finland). In addition the pictured small bronze earrings, the collection includes the same earrings in the same size in silver, larger bronze earrings of the same design, and a matching necklace in bronze and silver. The pictured earrings are $90; find them here.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Elodie Lily Cardigan

Via Anthropologie. This long (29 inches) Charlotte Tarantola cardigan features elegant purple and gold lilies on a light tan background. The flowers continue over the shoulders and fall symmetrically down the back. I would pair the cardigan with black or brown slacks and pumps; also, obviously, some type of cami or other shirt is necessary underneath.

The cardigan is made from 100% cotton and comes in the pictured purple. It is an Anthropologie-standard priced $128; find it here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gilt Fuse Launches Today

Gilt Groupe is launching its new, more tailored online designer sample sale website -- Gilt Fuse -- today. Gilt Fuse will offer only women's clothing and will have lower price points than Gilt. The launch is aimed at existing members of Gilt (Gilt Fuse claims that only members of Gilt Groupe can access Gilt Fuse until its wider launch in the fall). If you want to join Gilt, and accordingly gain access to Gilt Fuse, send me an email at Today's launch sales are: Generra, Kova & T, and Modern Amusement.

Wednesday's Work-Appropriate Shoes: Pointed Toe Pumps

I found these pointed toe pump with a 1" heel via DSW. The heel is what drew me to them; it's very difficult to find vegan shoes with a low heel. The shoes come in the pictured purple and in four other color combinations: navy with lighter blue, black on black, dark brown with yellow, and light brown with dark brown. My favorites are the pictured purple and the light brown / dark brown combo. The shoes are made from synthetic materials. They are $24.95 (compare at price is $40); find them here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Chain Blazer

This blazer with a built-in multi-strand necklace boasting dangling charms intrigues me. The necklace is suspended from tiny fabric loops at the inside collar, and, thankfully, is removable. I likely would remove it. Absent the necklace, I really like the blazer, especially its long and lean structure and three-button front closure that make it nicely pair-able with trousers and a sweater. The jacket comes in the pictured black and is made from cotton and spandex. Fully lined too! The jacket is $398; find it here via Nordstrom.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Vegan Purchase: SE Boutique Ballet Flats

I wear ballet flats like sneakers: with jeans and a t-shirt on the weekend to walk around town. I recently purchased these SE Boutique "Celeste" ballet flats via DSW to replace an ailing pair (which weren't vegan -- I view it as a great wardrobe upgrade). They are incredibly comfortable, flexible, and stylish. Most importantly, despite what the DSW website says, they are vegan. More accurately, I purchased them in the pictured black; the inside label clearly states they are comprised entirely of man-made materials; so, at the very least, the black version is vegan. They were $59.95 (the compare at price was $95); find them here.

Monday's Vegan Suit: Ruched Sleeve Suit

From The Limited. This suit features a longer-length jacket with three-quarter ruched sleeves with a vent on the back of each sleeve (see pictures of front and back). I like the length of the jacket combined with the sleeves: gives the jackets a traditional feel with a bit of flare. The jacket pairs with bootcut pants or a structured pencil skirt (which is lined). The suit is made from polyester, rayon, and spandex. It comes in the pictured navy.

The jacket is $158; find it here. The pants are $69.50; find them here. The skirt is $59.50; find it here. The Limited is running a relevant promotion: $25 off 2nd pant or skirt. Accordingly, the entire suit (jacket, pants, and skirt) would be $261.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Small Wooden Bear

Ursa the grizzly bear truly is a non-functional accessory, perfect for displaying on a bookshelf or corner of a side table or perhaps even giving to a child as the toy she is meant to be. The bear is made from sustainably harvested beech wood and has elastic band hinges so that it is easily poseable. The bear stands 13.5 x 6.5 x 5.75. $98; find it here via Daytrip Society.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: "Freckled Weave" Jacket

Via Nordstrom. This Classiques Entier three-quarter length sleeve jacket is perfect to pair with black trousers and a black sweater as we transition from summer to fall. It has a two-button front closure and matching three-button detail on the sleeves. It comes in the pictured "pink multi" and is made from polyester and viscose/rayon (vegan!). I particularly like the decoration on the pockets. The jacket is $268; find it here.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vegan(ish) Purchase: Makeup and Kiehl's!

I haven't updated my swiftly dwindling stock of makeup and skincare products for months and months and months, so when I landed at the King of Prussia mall on Sunday, I went a bit crazy and purchased a mini-stockpile. Here are the highlights, all of which I think are vegan, but I'm never really sure with makeup and skincare products unless its clearly marked one way or the other (such as Kiehl's stylist haircare line that includes silk -- eek -- that was my favorite pre-vegan!). As for the companies I purchase from, I have no idea what their policies regarding use of animals for testing are (either on their completed products or as to their suppliers). Please don't pounce on my choice of companies or products. Transitioning a life to eating vegan, dressing vegan, and using only vegan products is complicated and takes time; for me, the products that land in my bathroom or makeup case seem to be the biggest challenge. Regardless, here's some of what I got:

To begin, I replenished my supply of Laura Mercier's foundation primer. I use the original, created in 1995, to "prime" the skin before application of foundation and other layers. It is $30; available here.

While I was replenishing my supply of primer, I noticed, and fell in love with, Laura Mercier's shimmer bloc. I purchased it in the peach mosaic and intend to wear it over foundation to add a bit of shimmer to an otherwise matte face. The shimmer bloc is $38; here.

For my eyes, I've been craving a purple-hued shimmery eye-shadow. Naturally, I went to MAC for that and ended up purchasing the mineralize eye shadow duo in odd couple (pictured), a combination of purple with gold mixed with lavender and bronze veining. The eye shadow goes on sheer and leaves a soft shimmer. The eye shadow duo is $19.50; find it here. To apply the eye shadow, I also purchased a tapered blending brush ($28; here).

Finally, I bought a bag-load from Kiehl's, including intensive treatment for dry and callused areas, which is the best I have found for swiftly taking care of ultra-dry areas ($22.50 for a tube; here).

Wednesday's Work-Appropriate Shoes: Dress Shoes For Men

Via Vegan Chic. Vegan Chic recently added to their line of vegan shoes for men and now carries a variety of work-appropriate and weekend-appropriate shoes online, including a new (and expansive) line from Simple. Of their work-appropriate offerings, my favorite is the classic vegan dress shoe with a square-tip toe (pictured in black). Of course, it's made with "pleather." It is $55.95; find it here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vegan Purchase: Nicole Farhi Trousers

Nicole Farhi is one of my favorite -- perhaps even favorite -- designers. So when I learned that DIANI, a boutique based out of Santa Barbara, California, carries some of her items, I immediately added their online store to my favorite websites. And then when DIANI had an online sale on some Nicole Farhi items, I splurged and purchased the Charlie Chaplin trouser (pictured). I love the relaxed fit, which is perfect for more casual days at work. Pair the trousers with a blouse or button-down shirt and a jacket (the matching jacket is also on sale, but only available in size 10) for a more formal look, or with a sweater for less formal look. The pants are deep navy blue with subtle pinstripes. They are made from cotton and lycra -- yes, vegan! The price is a bit steep: originally $285, I got them on sale at 50% off -- $142. Though my Nicole Farhi pieces last forever; sometimes it is work paying a bit extra for classic, versatile pieces -- or so I tell myself to validate my purchase.

Tuesday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: "Deon" Dress

Via Dillard's. This technically sleeveless dress hits below the knee (on everyone except really tall models) and offers a high neckline, making it perfect for more business-formal offices. Pair it with a cardigan or jacket if you need to cover your arms a bit more. It is available in the pictured espresso "sharkskin" fabric made from polyester and rayon. The dress is $119; find it here.

The dress is part of Alex Marie's "Orchard Hill" collection made exclusively for Dillard's. Alex Marie also makes some other work-appropriate vegan dresses for Dillard's: (1) the "Diane" dress (I would check as to whether the accompanying belt is made from faux patent leather) -- $119; (2) the "Andrie" dress (more appropriate for less formal offices) -- $99; and (3) the "Adrianna" dress (on sale, select sizes remain) -- $41.70.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Post-Weekend Vegan Round-up

I've been hoarding a number of items I wanted to post. After spending a lovely weekend at the beach and shopping for cosmetics and related products, and not blogging, I thought a round-up might be in order:

(1) Have a dog? Check out Wagwear (which I found through Daily Candy deals). It has tons of (rather expensive) items -- I think all vegan -- for your doggie. My favorite is the indoor doghouse tee-pee hound lounge, pictured right, which features a removable fleece covered machine-washable sleeping bed; $208. I think Daily Candy is still running its 25% off deal on Wagwear purchases.

(2) Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry. I've been browsing a lot online lately and have come across some interesting independent designers: Diana Warner Studio (includes pieces for brides and bridesmaids!); Pineapple Seed (with its great gold vermeil collection); Alex and Ani (which uses recycled metals); and Liquid Silver (which uses melted-down computer parts to create "slightly goth," according to Ideal Bite, pieces).

(3) In honor of my trip to the beach, a couple interesting bathing suit designers. First, my friend sent me a link to Wreck n' Sew, a San Francisco based designer (also where my friend is based, coincidentally), that makes retro-inspired swimsuits for women that are designed to stay in place. Yay! Also, check out Cala Ossidiana's swimsuits. She offers a variety of one-piece suits that I adore, such as the "Knot-Back Maillot," available in the pictured black, turquoise, and navy. The suit is $295 (eeek, expensive!).

(4) Finally, check out this awesome article from NY Magazine about Lululemon, my favorite yoga clothing brand. I admit, I am a Luluhead -- big time.

Monday's Vegan Suit: Ingenuity "Pattern" Suit

Relatively new to Nordstrom is the line of Ingenuity suits. I posted about the line here when I first noticed Nordstrom carrying it. Originally the suit was available in mix and match pieces of solid colors. Now the line has expanded to include "patterns" of black and white "multi" and brown and white "multi." The black and white multi colored two-button jacket is pictured left. The jackets pairs with front-closure, slightly darted pants (only available online in the brown and white multi); a skirt, available in both colors, that hits slightly below the knees (perfect for the ultra-conservative office); or a sheath dress, also available in both colors (pictured right).

The suit is made from polyester, rayon, and spandex; some of the pieces are machine washable. The jacket is $210; find it here. The pants are $136; find them here. The skirt is $96; find it here. The dress is $158; find it here.