Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vegan on the Weekend: Vacation!

I am going on vacation for an entire week! Amazing! Part of the week, I will be in a location that necessitates shorts. Thus, before I suspend posting for the week, I thought I would leave you with some vegan summer short options:

First, Zoa has some dressy shorts in its summer line, perfect for semi-casual evenings and nights out, such as the left pictured pleated pocket shorts in "feather grey." They also are available in a darker "steel" color. They are made from polyester and rayon. On sale for $73 via Couture Candy; here. Also check out Zoa's high waisted cuffed shorts available in a "cream" which looks more like white to me; made from cotton and nylon; also $73; here.

Second, JCrew's summer line features a bunch of shorts made from different vegan materials and available in several different lengths. I like the classic chino short in the 3" length in the right pictured honey brown. The shorts come in a dozen other colors and in 5" and 7" lengths; the 7" length is perfect for casual golf, though some may say that capris are the shortest you should go for golf. Made from 100% cotton. Depending on color, the 3" length shorts are $29.50 or $39.50; find them here. Similarly, depending on color, the 5" length shorts are $29.50 or $39.50; find them here. And, again depending on color, the 7" length shorts are $42, $32, or $29.99; find them here.

JCrew also has shorts for men, mostly chinos, and also in various lengths. My favorite for men are the premium officer's chino shorts in the classic "british khaki" color (pictured left). The shorts come in 4 other colors. Made from cotton; $54.50; here.

Third, and finally, I think Banana Republic's striped cargo bloomer shorts (pictured right) are very cute for the summer. Pair them with a t-shirt, belt (vegan, of course!), and some high-heeled or wedge sandals. The shorts are made from linen and cotton. They only come in the pictured seagull grey; $59; find them here.

I'll be back with more vegan clothing and accessories next week!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday's Vegan Accessory: New Soap, Old Bottle

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would highlight a very earth-friendly vegan accessory this week. New Soap, Old Bottle (yes, that's the company's name) buys new liquid soap, Windex, all-purpose cleaner, etc. in bulk by the barrel and packages it in old plastic soda and water bottles and glass beer bottles. Between Windex, other cleaners, liquid soap, I must go through a dozen bottles a year. Think of all the trash that could be better recycled!

The re-bottled cleaners range from $2.25 - $4. Read more about the company and find the complete line here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: BCBG Cardigan

Part of BCBG's new summer arrivals, I love this "pear" colored cardigan with its perfect not too low v-neck, four-button front closure, and ribbed trim on the cuffs and hem. The gathered detail at the center is a great touch. Wear it with a neutral colored dress (black, tan, white) or with darker colored trousers. It's made from cotton, rayon, and nylon. The only problem with the cardigan is the current price -- $178. Find it here.

BCBG is running a spring promotion: $100 off a purchase of $300 or more; enter code SPRINGGIFT at checkout. Otherwise, if you like the cardigan, but don't like the price, BCBG tends to run specials in-store every other week; keep the cardigan in mind and stop by when you are out shopping.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Round-Up

If you're interested in reading (more) about Earth Day or participating in some of the Earth Day themed promotions companies are holding, check out these items:

The New York Times hypothesizes that as everyone gets richer, the planet will get greener (here).

According to the New Yorker, Earth Day is quite different now from when it was first celebrated on April 22, 1970 (here) (left image courtesy of the New Yorker).

Sometimes feel any efforts you make for the environment are an inconsequential drop in the bucket? Read Michael Pollan's article "Why Bother?" from last weekend's New York Times Magazine (here).

Earth Mosaic is sponsoring a contest that will plot photos taken from around the globe on a map. The photos must be taken within the 24-hour period of April 22 (based on your timezone). All images must be uploaded by April 30; photos are limited to 500 kilobytes in and JPEGs. To submit images, go to Earth Mosaic’s home page and click the Upload button.

Design a reusable shopping bag via Kroger's special website and get a free reusable shopping bag for your efforts.

And, finally, in honor of Earth Day, Bluefly is offering an additional 10% off everything.

Wednesday's Work-Appropriate Bag: New Line of Vegan Handbags From Matt & Nat

After 14 years of designing and producing Matt & Nat, the line of luxury designer vegan handbags and accessories, the company recently launched samsāra, a line of slightly less expensive designer vegan handbags and accessories. Like Matt & Nat's products, this line is produced with the environment and animal welfare in mind. And, for each samsāra bag sold, one dollar is donated to a non-profit organization of your choice (among four very excellent choices -- I would have a difficult time choosing between Enough and Canada Women's Foundation).

In comparison, Matt & Nat bags run around $250 - $300 and accessories run around $75-$100; samsāra bags run around $125-$155 and accessories run around $35-$55. My favorite bag of the current collection is the Vaughan Pebble Handbag (in the right pictured white). It also comes in plum, cognac, and black. $155; find it here. I would pair the bag with the Nunavut Small Pebble wallet, in the white, of course. The wallet also comes in plum, cognac, and black. $45; find it here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Farm Sanctuary's Earth Day Challenge

Earth Day is tomorrow! One of my favorite sanctuaries (and charities), Farm Sanctuary, is celebrating Earth Day by asking the world to adopt a vegan diet for one day. I assume that most people who read this blog already are vegan. So, I challenge you to challenge a (or many) non-vegan friend(s) to go vegan for Earth Day (tomorrow!). If your friends ask why, tell them what Farm Sanctuary President and Co-Founder Gene Baur said about the challenge:

"People across the planet are taking steps to go 'green' by changing light bulbs and driving habits. Yet with the unmistakable connections between factory farming and the destruction of our environment, the most effective change one can make for the earth is a change to a plant-based diet. With animal agriculture accounting for more dangerous greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector — making it one of the leading causes of climate change — there is no better time to act than right now."
And, you can tell them it's only for a day . . . they might even like it; only after they complete the challenge would I suggest encouraging them to adopt a plant-based diet indefinitely . . . one day at a time. For more information on Farm Sanctuary's Earth Day challenge, go here.

Tuesday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Elie Tahari Jacket and Matching Pants

Professional, conservative, refined, and elegant -- I love this Elie Tahari "Taylor" linen-blend jacket with removable sheer tie. The three-quarter length cuffed sleeves are perfect for summer. The jacket closes via a single hidden clip at the front. It is made from linen, viscose, rayon and elastane; the matching removable scarf-tie also is vegan; and it comes only in the pictured black. $468; find it here.

The jacket matches Elie Tahari's "Theora" pants, made from the same vegan linen-blend of material. The pants are cleanly, crisply designed with a tab-front closure and a crease down the front of the leg. They also come only in the pictured black. $248; find the pants here.

Also, if you like Elie Tahari, check out these "Eileen" pants, which come in black and briar (a greyish brown), and which are on sale via Nordstrom for $148 (originally $248). They are made from cotton and elastane -- perfect for business casual days at the office or more dressy weekend outings.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Designer Vegan Deal: Earth Week on Gilt Groupe

Gilt Groupe is one of a handful of websites that hold one-to-two-day-only online sample sales featuring expensive designers, such as Tory Burch, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs. The sample sales start at noon EST on a pre-set weekday or Saturday. In honor of Earth Day (Wed, 4/22), this week Gilt is holding a bunch of sample sales of interest to vegans searching for designer professional clothing and accessories (and some casual clothing too): on Tuesday, Matt&Nat; and on Wednesday, Stella McCartney for LeSportsac, Loomstate, and Edun.

Access to the Gilt Groupe sales is by invitation only. If you want access, send the Professional Vegan an email at with your name and email address and I will have an invitation sent to your email. Happy designer vegan deal shopping!

Monday's Vegan Suit: Victoria's Secret Suits

Victoria's Secret has some great inexpensive suits on its website -- now on price-reduced "special"! Most of the suits are made from a combination of polyester, viscose, and spandex (vegan!). I especially like the "bridget fit" (higher waist) cuffed pants paired with the matching two-button longer-length jacket with three flap pockets (pictured right in the black with white stripes). The suit comes 8 color varieties; and the pants come in 3 inseam lengths. The jacket is $79 on "special"; the pants are $39.50 on "special."

The only problem with Victoria's Secret clothing is that you can't try it on in the store . . . and that they hit you with insane shipping & handling charges. But for a $120 suit, a little extra in shipping might be worth it. Find the suit here.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vegan On The Weekend: Eco-Friendly Shoes For The Weekend

Ecoshoes are in; and major companies (Payless, Keds) are launching lines of eco-friendly shoes. Being eco-friendly, most (perhaps all) are vegan. Most of the freshly-released ecoshoes are sneakers or sneaker-ish casual shoes. Great for weekends, though not so good for work -- perhaps good for walking to work, though.

Payless recently launched a new line of casual footwear (and bags and jewelry) made from materials like hemp, organic cotton, and water-based glues. The Zoe&Zac line was designed with help from eco-model Summer Rayne Oakes. It includes sandals, the right pictured wedges (which also come in a brown), skimmers, mary janes, and sneakers. The shoes range from $19.99 to $29.99; check out the collection here. Also, for every pair of Zoe&Zac shoes you buy between now and May 4, Payless will donate $1 to plant trees.

Keds also recently launched a line of eco-friendly shoes, titled its "Green Label." The Green Label includes Keds' classic lace-up in green, black, or white; and Keds' more-recent "moc" in tan, blue, or white (the blue is pictured left). The shoes are made from organic cotton and recycled rubber; the laces are made from recycled water bottles, which I think is the coolest feature of the shoes. The shoes are $55; find the entire collection here.

On a related note, on Earth Day (April 22), H&M is set to release a line of clothing made from recycled plastic bottles. Not quite sure how that will work, but I'm eager to see what they have to offer. And Loomstate, purveyors of expensive organic clothing, is teaming with Target to make a line of clothing aptly named Loomstate for Target. As with all "[fill in the blank] for Target," the line will run for a limited-time; it will include men's and women's casual clothes (jeans, dresses, swimwear). It debuts at Target this Sunday!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Glass Straw

I drink lots of coffee -- lots and lots and lots of coffee. Not surprisingly, my teeth are stained from the coffee. I'm not about to give up the coffee, but I would like to reduce the staining. And I think I've found the (environmentally-friendly) solution: a glass straw!

GlassDharma makes glass straw from the strongest commercial glass available. They are 100% non-toxic, microwave and dishwasher safe, made in the USA, and 100% vegan -- perfect for use with your morning coffee or afternoon diet coke. Bring one to Starbucks with you and ditch the environmentally-unfriendly plastic straw that comes with your iced beverage.

The straws are available in three styles: a straight straw, a bent straw (pictured), and a straw decorated with dots (perfect for kids). The straws range from $6 - $9 each; and they come in less-individually-expensive sets of 4. GlassDharma also sells brushes and cases for the straws, making them easy to take along with you. Shop it all here.

And, even better, during the month of April, GlassDharma is running a free straw giveaway (excluding $3 of the shipping and handling). All you need to do is visit this page, follow the simple instructions, and GlassDharma will send you a coupon via email for a glass straw.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vegan Purchase: Felix Ray (for Target) Handbag

I love Target! Especially its new Felix Ray (for Target) handbag collection. I purchased the right pictured canvas tote while I was in Florida a couple weeks ago. It was perfect for transitioning from the beach to a casual evening out. The navy color is very "in" this season, as is the gold hardware accents. Target's website says the bag is made from cotton and polyester, with patent leather trim, but based on the tag inside and the wear of the handles, I am (very) confident that the so-called "patent leather" trim really is a form of PVC plastic. The bag is $39.99 and also comes in gold. Find it here.

While we browsed Target in Florida, my friend considered the envelope clutch with a chain strap handle. In the end, the shell decoration led her to put it back on the shelf, although the shell may appeal to some people. The clutch comes in the left pictured gold and a navy blue similar to the canvas tote. It's made from the same cotton and PVC plastic, although Target's website correctly identifies the "patent leather" trim as PVC plastic, which further leads me to believe that the website is incorrect about the material of the trim on the tote. The clutch is $29.99. Find it here.

And, finally, for a combination of the tote and the clutch, check out Felix Ray (for Target)'s large straw tote in blue. Made from the same vegan materials, including the gold accent shell. $49.99; here.

Thursday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: David Meister Sheath Dress

Yes, this David Meister dress (left) is very colorful, but I think the pattern is fun and youthful, yet not overdone -- and not too floral. And the simple sheath design of the dress, the high neck, and its knee-length make the pattern fine for work, although perhaps not for a really important meeting. Obviously, I would tone down the bright pattern by pairing the dress with a black or tan or other neutral-colored cardigan.

I found the dress via Nordstrom's current sale on dresses: up to 40% off. This dress is made from cotton and spandex. Originally $330, it is 40% off at $198. Find it here.

Browsing through the sale, there are a few other work-appropriate vegan dresses of interest: Burberry's stretch trench dress in taupe (made from cotton and elastane; more appropriate for business casuals days; originally $595, on sale for $395; here); Jones New York Collection's sheath dress in white (made from polyester, viscose, and elastane; originally $159, on sale for $106; here); Calvin Klein's cargo shirtdress in black and khaki, which I have blogged about before (made from polyester and spandex; originally $118, on sale for $70; here; and Maggie London's ruche matted jersey dress in the black and off-white print pictured right (made from polyester and spandex; originally $128, on sale for $64; here).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vegan Article Of Interest

When I went to see Jeffrey Masson speak over the weekend, he mentioned that the New York Times was writing an article about him and veganism in the Dining section. The article came out today; available here. I'm including a picture from the NYT website because the pigs are so adorable and Masson mentioned they ruined his jeans such that he couldn't wear them that night when he spoke, and I find it all amusing:
As noted in the article, Masson was interviewed at Angelica Kitchen, which is one of my favorite vegan restaurants in NYC. Exciting! And, though I'm sure they discussed lots and lots of things while at Angelica Kitchen, the author of the article repeatedly mentions how Masson is veganish and an aspiring vegan, which I always enjoy hearing because it makes me feel better about my non-vegan slip-ups and makes me want to continue on the vegan path. This is my favorite quote:
“I call myself an aspiring vegan — sometimes I say veganish,” Mr. Masson said. “I make mistakes sometimes.” If he’s at a restaurant and finds out he ate cake made with a bit of butter, he said: “I can live with that. It’s just too weird and too hostile to go ‘blech’ and throw up and say, ‘I can’t believe I just ate that.’
Read the entire article here.

Wednesday's Work-Appropriate Bag: Jane Marvel Handbags

Jane Marvel's mission statement reads, "we believe it is every woman’s right to have great style and not go broke getting it." I think it also should read, "we believe it is every woman's right to have great style and not have to hurt an animal getting it." Jane Marvel's line of handbags is leather-free and made with environmentally safe coating. Each of her nineteen products comes in a wide variety of colors.

My favorite is the Carry-All Handbag, pictured in the white with rust handles. I probably would get it in the coffee or camel colors with dark brown handles. The bag is $72; find it here.

I also enjoy the Runaround with its trendy across the chest extra long strap (here) and the various "overhead" and "duffel" bags that can be purchased in the same color to create a set of luggage. Check out all of the handbags here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Peter Som Flat-Front Trousers

Neiman Marcus is holding a two-day online last-call sale -- an extra 30% off all sale merchandise. Most of the items are non-vegan, but there are a few vegan pieces in select sizes, such as Peter Som's "Flat-Front Trousers" in the color "midnight" -- a dark, dark navy blue -- pictured right (ignore the green leather jacket that Neiman Marcus pairs with the pants). I like that the pants look black and blue at the same time. I also enjoy their wide legs; perfect to pair with a fitted blouse or jacket. They are made from cotton. Originally $650, Neiman Marcus has them on sale for $228; with the extra 30% off, they will be $160. Find them here.

And check out the entire Neiman Marcus sale here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday's Vegan Suit: Liz Claiborne New York Seersucker

In a professional navy/royal color! I've been looking for a seersucker suit for awhile. Conceivably, this should be easy to find, but every time I locate one, it is adorned with mother of pearl buttons. Finally, this one has normal, vegan buttons!

The blazer is nicely tailored, though I think I might find it a bit short in length, and pairs with matching pants, which have wide-legs and a flat front. I'm not sure about the rolling of the sleeves, as pictured, but it might be fun to know that whimsical polka dots line your arms.

Both piece are made from cotton and lycra. The blazer is $99; here. The pants are $69; here. Great price, even for a summer suit!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vegan On The Weekend: Virginia Woolf and Some Totes

On my weekend adventure to Woodstock, NY, I brought my copy of Jeffrey Masson's The Face On Your Plate: The Truth About Food (see below post) along in a Virginia Woolf tote bag I purchased at Barnes & Noble many, many (many, many) years ago. Apparently it currently is out of stock (see here).

But! As fate would have it, today I ate at a restaurant that had this quote on it's sign outside. The picture is a bit crooked because it was raining and I was rushing to get into the warm, dry car:

I've been meaning to post a couple of cute totes; this seems like an opportune time. First, on the more expensive side, possibly more appropriate to carry books and other papers into work, is J.Jill's "luster linen-blend beach tote" (pictured left). The rope handles are my favorite feature. And, of course, the fact that it's vegan. It comes in the pictured "flax" color. $59; find it here.

Second, on the less expensive side, possibly more for grocery or other shopping on the weekend, are the totes designed by Green Eyed Monster, which markets itself as providing "the most unique and socially responsible alternative to disposable paper and plastic bags on the block." There is one standard canvas tote available that comes in six designs. The classic Green Eyed Monster design, pictured right, is my favorite. The tote bags are $25 each. The Green Eyed Monster website is really cool too -- something worth browsing even if you aren't looking for a tote bag right now; check it out here . . . and, as the site says, "start living ENVIably!"

Friday, April 10, 2009

Upcoming Movie of Interest

The official poster for the upcoming movie "FOOD, Inc." was recently released:
As the film's synopsis states: "Our nation's food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment. We have bigger-breasted chickens, the perfect pork chop, insecticide-resistant soybean seeds, even tomatoes that won't go bad, but we also have new strains of e coli--the harmful bacteria that causes illness for an estimated 73,000 Americans annually. We are riddled with widespread obesity, particularly among children, and an epidemic level of diabetes among adults" For more information on Food, Inc., which hits theaters on June 12, check out the film's official website.

Speaking of food and animals and health, I am going to see Jeffrey Masson speak tonight (at this event)! Jeffrey Masson recently published "The Face On Your Plate: The Truth About Food" (which I blogged about here), which is fabulous. In the early 90s, he published "When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals," which also is phenomenal (and has been translated into 20 languages). I am really, really, really looking forward to it. Masson lives in New Zealand (see his website for more biographical information); I am pleased that he is coming to somewhere close(ish) to where I live to promote his new book.

For all of you who are wondering how I will get to the middle-of-nowhere Woodstock, NY in time while holding a full-time job (not that it really matters, but people seem to be oddly interested in such things) . . . I have the day off (the perks of being a government employee) . . . it will be a day of driving.

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Three by Three Magnetic Board

Three by Three is a purveyor of home and office accessories. Their main items are magnetic boards that can tacked to the wall or otherwise propped up -- and then used to post notes, pictures, letters that need to be mailed, dry cleaning tickets, perhaps even your keys (provided they aren't too, too heavy) so they don't go missing every three seconds as keys tend to do. The boards even come in wood-inspired colors to match your office, such as the walnut 12x12 board pictured left (and 11 other colors). Find the board here. And check out the rest of Three by Three's website here.

I found Three by Three via Daily Candy's weekly deals. This deal is a bit old: save 25% on your order by entering the code CANDY25, which, at this point, may or may not work.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Designer Vegan Deal: Urban Decay Cosmetics Sale

Urban Decay is holding a "friends and family" sale on all its products now through April 17 -- 30% off (everything!). Urban Decay clearly marks all its vegan products and even has a separate page highlighting solely its vegan products. You can find that page here; there is tons and tons of stuff. My friend who is obsessed with Urban Decay wrote me to tell me that her favorite vegan items are the 24/7 eyeliners, the eyeshadow primer potion (pictured right), and the brushes ("which are so soft and gorgeous," according to her email). So, start there and keep browsing.

To receive the 30% off, enter the code: FNFS9. Also, if you spend $35, you get a free deluxe lipstick sample in "sellout," which is vegan.

Tuesday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Autumn Cashmere Cotton Sweaters

Bluefly has a bunch of work-appropriate vegan sweaters on sale, such as the left pictured Autumn Cashmere pintuck detail cardigan sweater. Perfect to wear with trousers. Put a camisole under it or a short-sleeved collared shirt (it has 3/4 sleeves). Made from 100% cotton. The cardigan comes in the pictured "peacock," yellow, navy blue, and black. Originally $120, Bluefly has it on sale for $72. Find it here.

For a more casual look, I like Autumn Cashmere's puffed sleeve sweater. It also has 3/4 inch sleeves, and, as evident by the right picture, a very low v-neck that will require a camisole underneath. It's made from cotton and a bit of spandex. The sweater comes in the pictured "seagull," a purple, navy blue, and black. Originally $120, Bluefly has it on sale for $ 72. Find it here.

Finally, for a bit of a combination of the above two and something perfect to wear under a suit, especially if you anticipate removing the jacket sometime during the day, check out Autumn Cashmere's pintuck detail sweater, pictured left in the "blossom." Made from 100% cotton. It also comes in a blue. Originally $121, Bluefly has it on sale for $73. Find it here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mid-Week Video Break

I admit, this video is a bit old and is more about feminism than veganism . . . but Nellie McKay is a vegan and if you stick with the video long enough (and you will want to because the song is awesome), you will catch a reference to vegetarians:

Wednesday's Work-Appropriate Shoes: Charmoné Bellini "Rosemary" Shoes

Charmone Bellini is one of a few designers of high-end vegan shoes. Their mission "is to create beautiful, luxurious, sexy shoes that are also sustainable and cruelty-free. Every shoe incorporates European design and quality while using only animal-free, eco-friendly materials." The shoes are made sweatshop-free in Italy and Brazil; they range in price from $120-$220.

Of their current offerings, my favorite is the "Rosemary" shoe. It comes in the pictured dark brown with black and grey grosgrain ribbon cross-straps, and a lighter brown with taupe and dark brown grosgrain ribbon cross-straps. The heel height is a perfect 2.75 inches. The shoes are $179. Find the pictured dark brown here and the lighter brown here.

If you aren't into wearing the faux-suede in the summer, I also enjoy the "Star Anise" shoe, which comes in the pictured "smoke" and an "espresso" that incorporates some faux-suede. The shoes also are $179 and have a similar 2.75 inch heel. Find the pictured smoke here and the espresso here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bonus Suit: Ann Taylor Ponte Knit Suit -- On Sale

Since Ann Taylor is running a promotion on this suit, I thought I would post it now. The ponte knit jacket -- navy with white contrast trim (pictured) -- pairs with navy pants (apparently there is also a navy skirt that matches, but I can't find it online; perhaps it is still available in stores). I like the jacket's gold button best -- and the matching gold button on the pants. The suit is made from rayon, nylon, and spandex.

The jacket originally was $149 and is on sale for $69.99; find the jacket here. The pants originally was $89 and is on sale for $49.99; find the pants here. A whole suit for $120 . . . not bad.

Tuesday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Ann Taylor Pants

Ann Taylor is running a promotion on its line of spring pants. Some pants are on sale for 40% off. Though black, navy and other standard color pants aren't that interesting, they are a necessary staple. My pick for a more business casual, yet still professional pant is the "Lindsey Flare Leg Cotton Pant." I like the extended two-button tab at the waist and the two back pockets. The pant comes in the pictured navy and a light tan. Made from 100% cotton, it originally was $99 and is on sale for $59.50. Find it here.

Other options include: the Lindsey Double Weave Boot Leg Pants (98% cotton, 2% lycra; originally $69, on sale for $49.50; 4 color options; here); the Lindsey Wide Leg Cotton Sateen Pants (98% cotton, 2% spandex; originally $69, on sale for $49.99; 2 light color options; here); and the Margo Refined Cotton Boot Leg Pant (100% cotton; originally $99, on sale for $59.50; 2 dark color options; here).

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Pelican, A Vintage Poster, And Some Jellies

My trip to Florida was a huge success -- relaxing, rejuvenating, full of walks on the beach, good food at interesting restaurants, and a bit of shopping, of course.

While walking on the pier, I made a new friend -- a cute, potentially older pelican, who I decided was male. The webbing of one of his feet was injured -- a few holes, one entire section missing. I felt so bad for him. He must have known; he came waddling up to me and stood somewhat near me for a bit. I saw him again the next day and let me stand by him again. I took pictures; this one has the best up-close view of his injured foot:

Prior to meeting my pelican friend, I ate at a very interesting restaurant called The Bubble Room. The restaurant has over 2,000 antiques -- quite a collection -- everything from Christmas-themed Mickey Mouses to this rather alarming vintage Coke ad:

Yes, I was quite alarmed: give me of Coke and of course I will have sex with you. So alarmed that I had to go shopping. While shopping I fell in love with these Chanel jellies:

Unfortunately, their price tag of about $300 also is alarming. As they are Chanel, they are unavailable for sale online as far my searches reveal. But they are fun to look at -- and vegan!

Monday's Vegan Suit: Rebecca Taylor Suit

This Rebecca Taylor suit was on Corporette about a month ago . . . I thought it was gorgeous back then and I still think it's fabulous, especially now that summer actually is approaching rapidly. Corporette didn't like the flower boutonniere on the jacket (and suggested removing it immediately), but I think it's the jacket's best feature -- although I do appreciate that the flower detracts from the professional-ness and conservatism of the jacket, though wearing a short sleeved suit is a bit less conservatively professional anyhow. I also enjoy the puffed sleeves and the pleat at the back.

The jacket pairs with a slim skirt that is a perfect knee length. Both are made from polyester and rayon. And the entire suit is fully lined (so hard to find in the summer!). The jacket is $365; the skirt is $220. Find the jacket here and the skirt here; both via Nordstrom.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Summery Plates

Via Bailey Doesn't Bark, a purveyor of amusing homewares like these hand-painted plates, bowls, cups and saucers, and salt and pepper shakers featuring flamingos and trees of gold and burnt sienna. The collection is dishwasher safe, but, unfortunately not microwave safe, which, for me, likely means I would never purchase it. The prices are also a bit steep. A 5-piece place setting is $165. A dinner plate is $41, a cereal bowl is $39, and a cup set (2) is $57, for example. Regardless of the price, you can look at the collection here.

I really wanted to post the plates because I am going to Ft. Myers, Florida this weekend for a mini-break! Sun! Flamingos! Accordingly, I will not be blogging this weekend . . . but I will return in time for Monday's vegan suit.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Nonea Top

I found this top via Elroy, a Vancouver-based eco-friendly clothing line. The top is made from 100% handwoven bamboo. I like the capped sleeves and slightly scooped neck accented with the gathering at the bustline. However, beware, the top has a low back -- which is fine if it is kept under a jacket or sweater -- and is great for an effortless transition from work to going out with friends. It comes in black and black with a cream contrast . . . though the only picture I can find is of it entirely in cream. Originally $69, the top is on sale for $52; find it here.

Enter the code DCDEAL to get an additional 25% off your order (I'm not sure when the code is good until) . . . but only on non-sale items . . . so, not this top unfortunately.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tales of Expansion Giveaway!

I occasionally guest post about my vegan baking and cooking adventures at Tales of Expansion. And now my friend Sarah at Tales of Expansion is hosting what I think is her first giveaway. Very exciting! And the giveaway is very vegan!

Five lucky Tales of Expansion readers will receive a full package of Bob's Red Mill grains, seeds, nuts, beans, baking mixes, or flours -- the exact item is the winner's choice. I use Bob's Red Mill's products often, especially the grains and flours, because many of them are organic. If I win, my pick is the Whole Grain Chocolate Cake Mix. The mix's directions calls for the use of two eggs, which can be replaced easily with egg replacer; otherwise, the mix and the other necessary ingredients are vegan. Yum!

Learn more about the contest and enter it here.

Wednesday's Work-Appropriate Bag: Sarah Donegan Overnight Bag

Sarah Donegan is a British handbag designer. According to her website, she uses recycled vintage textiles and salvaged woods to create "eco-kind, precious and instinctively desirable object to hold and swag." I found the overnight bag pictured left via Cow Jones Industrials, which is a vegan boutique in upstate New York. The boutique has been open for about two years and recently launched a new fully-functional website.

The second I saw this handbag, which is displayed on Cow Jones Industrials' homepage, I found it "instinctively desirable." It's dimensions are 16" by 17", which make it a perfect overnight bag, and, for someone like me who carries everything with her most of the time, perfect for a day wandering around a city. It is made from vintage vegan fabric and accented with brass equestrian hardware. $255; find it here.

Also, Cow Jones Industrials sells vegan shoes, clothing, and accessories in addition to handbags . . . browse the new website here.