Friday, November 28, 2008

Sale on Cotton Sweaters at Inhabit

Inhabit, which otherwise makes incredibly expensive cashmere and cotton sweaters and t-shirts, is having a "sample sale." A couple of their cotton items are up to 75% off, which, of course, makes them around $50. Of what is on sale, my favorite is this cotton cardigan (pictured right in the white). I especially like its draped front which makes it look a bit like those wrap cardigans that are very "in" this season and which seem to perpetually come only in cashmere. The cardigan is $50 and it comes in four colors: aluminum (a mix of grey and light blue), navy, graphite (deep grey), and root (deep green).

For men, this cotton thermal crewneck is on sale for $60. The henley version is also on sale for $60. Both are only available in light grey.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Vegan Suit - Blazer on Sale!

Sorry guys, another vegan suit for women. This one is made by Martin + Osa and is of the ultra chic tuxedo-esque variety.

The blazer (pictured left) is on sale for $119 (originally $170). Its shell is made from a rayon-cotton-spandex blend and its lining is satin polyester. I love the shawl collar and single button.

The single button compliments the matching slim sateen "tuxedo" pants (pictured right). The pants are made from the same rayon-cotton-spandex-blend. They are full-price at $79.50.

I think the suit would look great with these "Picasso 2" faux-suede wedges ($295) designed by Nathalie Portman.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today Is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

November 25th is "International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women," as designated by the United Nations. As explained by Feminist Law Professors, "the date was selected to commemorate the lives of the Mirabal sisters, who were assassinated on November 25, 1960 during the Trujillo dictatorship." Read the General Assembly resolution designating the day here. And read more thoughts about violence against trafficked women from Feminist Law Profs here.

Relatedly, the Brooklyn Arts Museum is hosting a "talks and tours: panel discussion" on Saturday, December 13, 2008 (2pm-4pm) titled "Sex Trafficking and the New Abolitionists." From BAM's website: "Acclaimed activist Gloria Steinem leads a panel discussing the fight against human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and violence against women and girls. Joining her will be Taina Bien-Aime, Executive Director of Equality Now; Dorchen Leidholdt, Director of the Center for Battered Women’s Legal Services at Sanctuary for Families; and Rachel Lloyd, Executive Director of GEMS." Find out more about it here.

Calvin Klein Sale

I was just notified that Calvin Klein is having a one-day sale: 40% off everything, today only, ending at 11:59 PST. My friend pointed out this "epaulette button front shirt" (pictured right in the grey). It's made from a cotton/polyester blend and also comes in black (which Calvin Klein calls "fennel seed"). Originally $68, on sale for $41.

I also like this "essential long sleeve button-front shirt" (pictured left in the white). It's made from 96% cotton and 4% spandex and also comes in black (which Calvin Klein actually calls "black"). Originally $38, on sale for $23.

In addition, check out this "cotton voila top" (originally $48, on sale for $29) and this "scoopneck sweater" (originally $58, on sale for $35).

Love This Necklace

I get the feeling that Anthropologie mails its target customers promotional material every few weeks. Flipping through the last book I received, I fell in love with this stained glass necklace (pictured left in all four colors available -- green, grey, purple, yellow). My favorite colors are the purple and green. I think the necklace would look great accenting a suit worn with a shell, under a collared shirt, or with a classic black dress . . . so, apparently, I think the necklace would look good with almost every office-appropriate outfit. At $42, the necklace isn't not too, too outrageously priced.

I'm also intrigued by Anthropologie's advertising technique of placing the necklaces on snow.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Recommended Vegan Book

My vegan friend (who is a yoga instructor) recently finished reading her teacher Sharon Gannon's new book (published Nov. 18): Yoga and Vegetarianism: The Path to Greater Health and Happiness. By vegetarianism, Gannon means vegan, because, obviously, milk is not a vegetable.

My friend said it was fabulous, so, of course, I had to post it. Note that has it on sale for 32% off (list price is $14.95):

My Favorite Vegan Suit

I am wearing my favorite vegan suit today, so I thought I would highlight it this morning. It's from Ann Taylor's mix-and-match triacetate suit collection. The collection includes black and brown jackets, pants, and skirts that can be worn interchangeably (as long as the colors match, of course). The pieces are made from triacetate ("a soft, fluid fabric made of blended man made fibers") and polyester.

Of all my suits, these items are the most packable: they don't seem to wrinkle . . . ever . . . seriously. And I get the most compliments when wearing this suit. Most items come in petite, regular, and tall.

The suit collection has been around for years and years, so if your pants wear out before your jacket (which always happens to me), you can replace the pants and still have a full suit. And since I only wear skirts to interviews (and even then only occassionally), I like that I can purchase a skirt and not have the matching jacket go to waste.

Of the items Ann Taylor currently is offering, I like this "classic mid-length" jacket (pictured right, $198) and these pants "slim boot cut leg" pants (pictured left, $128) best. Both are pictured in the toasted brown color.

Ann Taylor also is having a sale on this "shirred boat neck tea" (pictured right in the purple). The tee originally was $24, but if you purchase it online, it is $14.99. 96% cotton and 4% spandex. In addition to the purple, it comes in green, cobalt, black, white, and "lipstick" (a bright deep pink). With its shirred neck, I think it would look good under a full suit.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

White House Black Market Shoes May Be Vegan

White House Black Market is offering two pairs of shoes that are made from synthetic upper (100% polyester satin) and sole. I emailed White House Black Market's customer support and asked whether any part of either shoe incorporates animal products, including the glue used to bind the shoes.

Customer support's answer was: "We do not have access to the information you are requesting. Please contact our corporate office to see if someone can better assist you. The corporate number is 239-277-6200. The office is located in Fort Myers, FL and open from 8:30 to 5:00 Monday-Friday."

The two shoes are: 1) "Twister Pleated Satin Heel" (pictured left, $98): the pumps have a 3" inch heel. If your office allows open-toed shoes, I think these would look great with a black skirt or pant suit or with a dress, especially during the holiday season. They also would be great for office holiday parties and for other parties.

2) "Ornamental Ballet Flat" (pictured right, $78): the flats have faux seed pearls and misty cabochons dangle tiny grey beads. I like their flexible sole and 1/4" heel. They may be a bit too flat for my office, but, again, they would be great for holiday parties, especially those that are a little less formal and/or require lots of standing and mingling.

If you like either and want to be sure that no animal products were used in production, you may call the above number. Maybe if enough people call or email, White House Black Market will start including such information on its website, or, at least, inform its customer service representatives enough to answer what seems like a question that they should be able to answer easily.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sale on Vegan Outwear at Free People

Free People is running a limited time promotion: $100 off select outerwear (discount taken at checkout). Among the sale offerings are a vegan jacket and and a vegan coat, both for women, although I'm not sure how business appropriate either of them are. They would be great for law students and/or weekend excursions though!

1) Quilted nylon jacket (pictured left in the camel, $298 before sale). 100% nylon with a detachable hood lined with faux fur. The jacket also comes in black and "rocker blue."

2) Rugged herringbone coat (picture right, $198 before sale). 100% cotton with a detachable hood that is lined with a detachable faux fur trim. The jacket only comes in the pictured blue.

Also, through Dec 1, if you enter "HEYTHANKS" in the promo code field, you can get free standard shipping.

More Vegan Shoes

Whenever I say I am a vegan, people ask me about finding shoes or people tell me that it is impossible to find good looking vegan shoes. To be honest, I collected so many pairs of shoes pre-vegan, that I likely will not have to replace very many for a while. But that doesn't prevent me from browsing the web for shoes. In my latest internet travels, I found a few more vegan shoes designers. All three primarily make vegan shoes for women, although the third makes some vegan sandals for men.

1) NEUAURA. According to its website, "NEUAURA provides contemporary, high-quality, animal-friendly fashion footwear for today’s uncompromising consumer." That's me! All of NEUAURA's shoes do not contain any leather, fur, silk, wool, shell, or pearls, and no animal by-products are used during manufacturing and/or finishing processes. The shoes cost $79 - $104. I especially enjoy the "Mariposa" pumps (pictured right in the black, $79). The pumps also come in a mulberry color.

2) Georgette Shoes. The best website to find these shoes is Nimli. Not all Georgette Shoes are vegan; Nimli indicates which are with a little drawing underneath the shoes of what looks to me like a combination of a sheep and a cow. The shoes cost $160 - $410. My favorite is the "Monique" bootie (pictured left in the black, $160). The bootie also comes in brown. With a 2.3" heel, I think the bootie would look great under a pant suit.

3) Rina Shah. Rina Shah makes all animal-friendly products, including handbags, belts, and shoes (for women and men). The shoes cost $50 - $350. Most of her products are available online. In the United States, Rina Shah products are available at Otsu (San Fransisco) and Moo Shoes (New York), among other outlets. I really enjoy the "Crochet" pump (pictured right, $95). Finding the perfect pant or skirt suit to wear with them might be a challenge, but the pumps truly would make the outfit. I also love that you can choose the heel height (2", 3" or 4") of this pump.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Gov. Palin Pardons Turkey . . . Holds Press Conference About It While Turkey Is Slaughtered

Via Wonkette. This was too good not to post. Gov. Palin's still vying for media attention. Her latest idea was to pardon a turkey almost a week before Thanksgiving. If she wants to pardon a turkey, good for her. But she really needed to investigate the details of the workings of her press conference location before she held the press conference. She starts talking about the pardoning of the turkey at 2:27 . . . up to 0:30 is msnbc's coverage; 0:31 - 2:27 is mainly gibberish.

I'd like to note that Gov. Palin is wearing a cashmere Burberry scarf (most likely), and I assume a wool coat.

Vegan Ties

Two readers emailed me recently about non-silk (satin or cotton) ties. First, thanks for the emails! And thank you for directing me to non-silk ties. I have been searching for a vegan tie for a couple of months. I think that a woman wearing a tie to the office with a nice suit is completely appropriate; in fact, I don't think the tie needs to be all that "feminine." Moreover, I'm not convinced a woman wearing a tie into court or into a meeting is inappropriate or unprofessional in the least. So, for those women who like to wear ties (such as me), here are some options. I guess men can wear them too . . .

Both readers directed me to Jaan J, the home of luxury satin ties (and bowties). Jaan J makes three lines of ties: non-silk, signature collection, and narrow cotton. There are tons of non-silk ties on their website. I'm really into purple ties right now; as such, my favorite of the non-silk ties is this "checkered pattern stars and dots" tie (pictured left in the purple). The non-silk ties are $33.50.

The signature collection ties are $110. I think $110 is way too much to spend for a tie, but some of the signature collection ties are really gorgeous, such as this "paisley potential tie" (pictured right in the pink/silver/dark blue). That tie also comes in a gray/silver/dark blue combo.

The narrow cotton ties are $27.50. With a non-silk (satin) option available, I don't think I would wear a cotton tie. However, I don't think cotton ties are unprofessional -- it's a tie, after all -- although they definitely are less dressy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vegan Outerwear For Men

I assume that men like to wear coats during the winter too. Here are a couple vegan outerwear options for men; they are both from Banana Republic. The first is casual, while the second is suitable for the office.

1) "All-weather hooded zip-front jacket" (pictured right). The jacket comes in black and fog colors. It's 100% polyester. I'm not sure how warm it is, but of the vegan all-weather jackets I have encountered, it looks like one of the warmest. I especially like the fleece lining at the collar. I'm also intrigued by the use of a model wearing sunglasses to sell the jacket which is why I chose to picture the jacket in the black rather than the fog (the model wearing the fog jacket is not wearing sunglasses). The jacket is $198.

2) "Cotton moleskin topcoat" (pictured left). The topcoat only comes in black. Banana Republic's website says this topcoat is 100% cotton, but I would check with a salesperson first to determine if the lining incorporates wool because one of the other online images associated with the topcoat displays a label that reads "Italian wool cashmere." It's confusing. Anyhow, the topcoat is $275.

I think both coats are too expensive, but Banana Republic tends to put its clothing on sale, so if you like what you see, check back in a few weeks and it might be less expensive.

Finally, I would feel incomplete if I didn't point out that Banana Republic currently makes no outerwear for women that does not incorporate wool or down except for this 1/2 sleeved "coat" which does not come close to constituting true outerwear in my view. Please make some outerwear for me Banana Republic!

Also . . . for more men's outerwear options, see this post at The Discerning Brute.

Vegan Cranberry Blouses Match Vegan Cranberry Sauce

Par for course, Bluefly is offering another "OMG this is the best sale ever" promotion today. Today's promotion is an extra 25% off all sale items (discount applied in your shopping bag). I browsed briefly and fell in love with this cranberry metallic striped tie-neck blouse by Marc by Marc Jacobs (pictured left). The tie at the neck is trendy, but not too overboard. And the cranberry color is very festive. I think the blouse would look great with a black or charcoal grey suit for the office or with dark jeans for a casual holiday party. However, it might be a bit see-through . . . a camisole may be needed underneath.

The blouse is 100% cotton. Originally, $228, Bluefly has it on sale for $110, and with the extra 25% off, it will be $82.50. I still think that's semi-expensive, but if you think you can wear the blouse multiple times to multiple events during the holiday season, it might be worth it.

Thanksgiving Looms

It's one week until Thanksgiving. This time next week I will be sitting at a dinner table across from my family and likely in front of a turkey and some ham. I know that some vegans refuse to eat Thanksgiving dinner with people who are eating turkey, but, for me, that goes too far. I won't eat the turkey or the ham, but if my relatives want to cook a dead bird, so be it. The family Thanksgiving table is not a time for activism or admonishment; I hope that my family likewise will respect my choices and not berate me about my eating (or other) habits.

In preparation for Thanksgiving, I found this great article from the Wall Street Journal (11/13/08); it details some fake turkey and ham options for vegans and vegetarians: "Any Way You Slice It, It's Not Turkey."

The article notes that: "About 88% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving, according to the National Turkey Federation, with an estimated 46 million birds cooked for the holiday last year." Yes, that is a lot of people eating turkey and a lot of turkeys bred, raised, and killed. Rather than scream at your family and friends about their part in the mass cruelty to turkeys -- which I assume predominately is ineffective and diminishes your credibility, especially during the holiday season -- I suggest adopting a turkey that lives at a sanctuary.

My favorite sanctuary is Farm Sanctuary, which runs farms in New York and California. Farm Sanctuary's "Adopt-A-Turkey Project seeks to end the misery of commercially-raised turkeys by offering a compassionate alternative for Thanksgiving. Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary has rescued more than 1,000 turkeys . . . . Anyone can sponsor turkeys residing at [their] sanctuaries in California and New York." Sponsorship is $25 per turkey. You can choose your turkey, such as Faye (pictured right). To sponsor a turkey, click here.

I also think it's awesome that every year Farm Sanctuary holds a "Celebration for the Turkeys." All the more reason to sponsor a turkey!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Non-Black Vegan Outerwear For Women

I have been apprised that I blog about black and/or drab colored clothing too often. Here's a burgundy double breasted 3/4 sleeve coat (pictured right). It's made by Priorities and is heavyweight, although I don't know how that comports with 3/4 sleeves when it's cold. The coat's shell is 85% polyester and 15% rayon, and the lining is 100% polyester. Bluefly has it on sale for $137.70, which is 1/2 off the original $270. It also comes in ivory (which, just to highlight, is not black).

If you want to go crazy, this DKNY nylon-cotton-polyester blend belted trenchcoat is red with a capital "R" (pictured left). Perhaps that's why the color is called "lacquer red." Originally $275, Bluefly has it on sale for $140.25 (do you see the 1/2 off trend yet?).

And this Nanette Lepore vegan walking coat is simply out of control with the colors and patterns. Unfortunately, Bluefly only has it in sizes 0, 2, 4, and 10. If it wasn't $340 after Bluefly's 1/2 off, I actually might consider buying it.

Vegan Outwear for Women

It's officially really cold. Where I live, it snowed yesterday. Over a suit, I wear a wool calf-length coat made by Marc New York. I bought the coat at Bloomingdale's many years ago. On the weekends, I wear a calf-length puffy down-filled coat made by Laundry, which, like my work coat, I bought many years ago at Bloomingdale's. Yes, I know, not vegan. But both coats look almost new, so I'm not going to replace them yet.

However, if I was in the market for a coat, I would probably go to Bluefly. Classic outwear fashion doesn't change all that much from year-to-year and Bluefly has some gorgeous designer coats on sale -- and a select few are vegan.

For a weekend coat (and possibly also to wear over a suit), I would choose this Via Spiga black faux sherling "Francesca" belted jacket (pictured right). The faux leather belt is removable and the collar looks fabulous when "popped." The exterior is 100% polyester, and the interior is 69% acrylic and 31% polyester. Originally $260, Bluefly has it on sale for $131.75 (that's effectively 1/2 price).

As for something to definitely wear over a suit, if I was in a milder winter climate, I would choose this Kenneth Cole Reaction double breasted babydoll coat (pictured left in the black). It also comes in a standstone color. I like that it is water resistant, which means it can double as a raincoat if necessary. The shell is 53% cotton, 42% polyester and 5% nylon, and the lining: 100% polyester. Originally $200, Bluefly has it on sale for $101.15 (again, effectively 1/2 price).

And, finally, for something heavyweight to wear over a suit, I would choose this Via Spiga black "Cristina" double breasted trenchcoat (pictured right). I think it's awesome that it's lined in python printed sateen. I also like the faux patent trim. At 42.5", it likely hits just at the knees. In addition to the faux patent trim, it is made from cotton and polyester. Originally $275, Bluefly has it on sale for $140.25 (again, 1/2 price).

I also enjoy this Marc New York black sateen belted puff trench. For something funky, but possibly not work appropriate except in the tundra, I like this Via Spiga espresso faux shearling "Guzzo" hooded jacket. If you search Bluefly, you'll find that the Via Spiga hooded jacket also comes in a shorter version.

Vegan Office-Appropriate Pants For Men

I really want to do a two-part post on vegan suits (part one: women; part two: men), but I am having trouble finding vegan full-suits for men. I will keep searching -- any help would be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, I stumbled upon some vegan office-appropriate pants for men from Bonobos ("pants for real guys" as they call themselves). For a business casual office, they would be perfect paired with a collared shirt and a sport jacket or a collared shirt and a nice sweater.

I especially enjoy these "clean slates" (pictured left), although they may be a bit too casual. 100% brushed cotton twill; $120; they only come in the pictured slate grey color.

These "congos" (pictured right) are a bit more dressy. Also made from 100% brushed cotton twill; also $120; they also only come in the pictured safari green (which looks like a deep tan to me despite the color label).

These "graham slackers" (deep khaki color; $110) and these "the brothers grinn" (dark brown color; $120) also likely are business casual office-appropriate.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Esprit Has Vegan Bags!!!

This was the subject of an email I received recently from a friend. In the email, she included the picture to the left of an Esprit vegan bag (I assume she took it with her phone in the store). Indeed, Esprit does have vegan handbags . . . lots of them . . . and they are very work appropriate. Esprit also has vegan wallets. Men's clothing and accessories are not available through Esprit's website, but I bet Esprit stores also have vegan wallets for men.

For instance, my favorite of their bags is the "fancy shopper" (pictured right, available here). Originally $89.50, it is on sale for $59.99. It's made from 100% polyuretane. At 15.5" by 12" by 5", it likely can fit a legal pad and a hardback book along with a wallet and other essentials.

I also enjoy the newer version of the "fancy shopper" (available here), which comes in black and dark chocolate brown ($59.50). This wallet ($29.50), which comes in black and dark chocolate brown, would go well with either bag.

Super Sale on Vegan Tory Burch Wedge Espadrilles

I know that it's freezing outside (at least it is on the East Coast); all I could think about this morning on my walk to work was getting a warmer coat . . . but, Bluefly is having (yet another) sale on handbags and shoes. The sale items include these Tory Burch "Stephanie" wedge espadrilles (pictured right in the dark blue linen). Originally $295, now $113.99 (that's 61% off). In addition to the dark blue (size 10.5 only), they come in light-ish green (many sizes are available) and dark brown (size 9.5 only). Made from linen, jute, and rubber, they may be the only pair of Tory Burch shoes, besides flip-flops, that are vegan.

Monday, November 17, 2008

This Is Extremely Disturbing

But educational (possibly?) . . . Play this at

Vegan Dresses Via Anthropologie

The holiday festivities are upon us. I just rsvped to two holiday parties. In addition to increased difficulties eating vegan (and explaining what it means to be a vegan), holiday parties often require "special occasion" outfits. Luckily, Anthropologie has some gorgeous vegan holiday / special occasion dresses. Though, like everything Anthropologie sells, they are rather expensive, I think some of them can double as work-appropriate when matched with a nice cardigan or a bolero and a pair of delicate pumps or booties or those flat "motorcycle" boots that are all the rage.

For example, I really, really like this "stark silhouette" dress (pictured right, $198). It is a cotton and polyester blend with modal lining. At 39.5 inches in length, it likely hits a bit below the knee, which is perfect for the office. It would look great with a black cardigan or a sweater jacket, and with its cap sleeves and high neckline in the front and back (the neck line is very high in the back), it might be office appropriate even without the cardigan or jacket. Regardless, I think the dress definitely is appropriate for a daytime office party.

For something more formal, I love this "gregarious" black dress (pictured left, $188). It is made from cotton, acetate, and metallic thread. At 36.5 inches in length, it probably hits just at or under the knee. I also am impressed that the sash is removable: two dresses in one!

I also enjoy this little black dress ($188; polyester, rayon, spandex, acetate) and this more expensive, though definitely office appropriate black dress ($318; rayon, nylon, spandex). For something patterned, there is this "parchment flurry" dress decorated in a conservative black and tan leafy print ($168; cotton). Good job with the vegan dresses Anthropologie!

Sale on Cute Vegan Gap Top

Gap is offering this "pintuck-front top" on sale for $21.99 (originally $40, pictured left in the chintz rose). It also comes in black. It's 65% polyester and 36% cotton. It has a center back button with a loop keyhole, which I think makes it look dressier and more professional, especially if it is worn under a suit and the suit jacket is removed. It is available in regular, petite, and tall fits.

In addition to pairing it with a dark pant or skirt suit, I also think it would look great with dark jeans for a night out.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kenneth Cole's Awearness Campaign

Today marks the nationwide protests against California's proposition 8. I thought this Kenneth Cole t-shirt (100% cotton) is particularly relevant today:
To the left is a blow-up of the t-shirt's graphic. It reads "Love Is . . ." followed by depictions of a bride and groom, two grooms, two brides, one groom and two brides, and then a groom and two sheep (I assume these are all depictions of "marriage").

The t-shirt is part of Kenneth Cole's "Awearness" campaign under which the company has established a non-profit organization that will continue Kenneth Cole's philanthropic efforts with a special focus on amFar and Help USA. Historically, Kenneth Cole's philanthropic efforts have included supporting socially relevant issues.

In addition to the non-profit organization, the campaign is releasing a book titled "Awearness: Inspiring Stories About How To Make A Difference." According to the "Awearness" blog, the "book consists of 86 essays and conversations by individuals who have been inspired to do their part to effect meaningful social change."

The campaign also includes a line of t-shirts and accessories for women and men, such as the t-shirt pictured above. The accessories include a drawstring bag, a canvas tote, and a large zip tote that looks similar to Lululemon's and Puma's gym bags. Of the items, I think only the canvas tote is vaguely work appropriate, such as to carry some extra books or gym clothing. All of the items are vegan, except for the large zip tote, which is made from leather.

Although I am all for "awearness," I find it strange that one of the items used to market the campaign incorporates leather. That doesn't seem very "awear" at all. And although I enjoy the above t-shirt for its positive message about sexuality and equality, I have some issues with it.

First, though I don't have totally concrete views on polygamy, I am disturbed that polygamy is only depicted as a man and two women. Where is the woman with two men? The fact that the t-shirt really only depicts polygyny (one man having more than one wife), as opposed to polyandry (one woman having more than one husband) is unfortunate and glosses over women's (include lesbian's) fight for equality.

Also, I do have views about bestiality. It is rather impossible to know if those two sheep consented. I don't think bestiality has anything to do with the fight for gay rights and I think it shouldn't be on the shirt. In fact, as with using leather to market "awearness," depicting bestiality as "awearness" is actually anti-awareness. And why is it two sheep with one man? Why not two men with one sheep? Or a woman with one sheep? What does the depiction say about who is dominating what?

Finally, I understand that aesthetically the five "instances" of marriage may need to be arranged vertically. But, I find the order very telling. Looking at it, it seems as though it is ordered from most legitimate to least legitimate: traditional marriage, two men marrying, then two women marrying, etc., etc. The underlying message may have been more powerful if the depictions were ordered differently. Just a thought.

Kenneth Cole's "Awearness" products are available for purchase online here. The accompanying blog is available here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Big Buddha Bags

A friend of mine tipped me off to Big Buddha Bags. As far as I can tell, most Big Buddha handbags and wallets are vegan. And they are gorgeous! According to its website, Big Buddha offers highly-functional and versatile handbags and wallets that can be used everyday for work, evening excursions, and weekend travel.

For example, I love the "Katie" knit drawstring bag (pictured left in the navy, $65, available at beautiful wishes). It also comes in cream, olive, and black. Based on recent pictures in People Magazine and Us Weekly, knit handbags are one of the "it" items for the holiday season. It is profiled on Big Buddha's website here.

In addition, Big Buddha offers large handbags made of faux leather (aka PVC), such as the "Kirsten" bag (pictured right in the cream, $90, available at eBags). The "Kirsten" bag also comes in black, brown, red, and tan. I also love this ruby colored bag (on sale for $63.99 at eBags).

My friend said that she saw a few Big Buddha Bags at Hot Mama in St. Paul, MN. Other Big Buddha Bags are available online at eBags and BagCrazy. Based on these two websites, the handbags tend to cost about $75 - $90, although a select few are around $200.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Corduroy Pants

Although not work appropriate -- except potentially on the weekend -- I love corduroy pants, especially the ones with four or five pockets that look like jeans. I probably love them so much because they feel as if I am wearing jeans, but they're obviously not jeans, and, therefore, people do not comment that all I wear outside of the office is jeans. I also think cords generally look great on guys. And, of course, corduroy is made from cotton and sometimes a splash of spandex or other stretchy "man-made" fabric.

This season, my favorites are from J.Crew. Specifically, J.Crew's five-pocket "favorite-fit stretch vintage bootcut cord." I have it the faded cement color (pictured left). They also come in black, acorn, deep indigo, and seven other colors; and they are available in tall, regular, short, and petite lengths (and many J.Crew stores stock all four lengths). The cords are $79.50 on J.Crew's website, but I got them in the store for $69.50.

J.Crew also offers the same cords in a "matchstick" version ($79.50) and a slightly more tailored, less casual "city-fit" version (on sale right now for $69.50). J.Crew has great cords for men too: see this ($69.50), this ($72), and this ($69.50).

For a slightly less expensive cord, Gap has a few options, such as these straight leg cords and these low rise bell cords for women (both $54.40), and these for men ($49.50). Also, Old Navy's women's classic-rise boot-cut cords are on sale for $20. I'm not into the classic rise, but $20 is a good price.

On the higher end, Lucky Brand Jeans has these "Picadilly" corduroy pants (pictured right in the brown, $98). I especially enjoy the their button back-flap detail. And Lucky has these vintage straight corduroy pants for men ($88).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

J.Crew's "Decorations" Are Not Vegan

In addition to Brooks Brothers and Banana Republic, I also visited J.Crew this weekend. J.Crew currently is offering some professional and conservative yet fashionable and trendy blouses and shirts that would look great under a suit jacket or paired with a nice pair of trousers. However, most of the blouse and shirts are decorated with ruffles and the like that are made of a silk-blend material (J.Crew's website sometimes refers to it as chiffon). Hence, the blouses and shirts are not vegan. Though some of the actual tags on the clothing items indicate that those portions incorporate silk, others simply read "100% cotton exclusive of decoration" and give no explanation of what the decoration is comprised of. I was helped by a very accommodating saleswoman this weekend who called someone somewhere and determined that those items that read "100% cotton exclusive of decoration" incorporate silk. Beware.

For example, this ruffle blouse incorporates silk, as most likely does this, this, and this.

On the other hand this "Victoria" ruffle shirt ($89.50, pictured right) does not incorporate any silk. It is available in white and black. It also comes in a striped version (camel and black colors) and a cami version (black, navy, green olive, ivory, fuchsia, and cerise colors) ; the striped version is $98 and the cami version is $88. I think it would look great under a full suit or paired with a pencil skirt.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Velvet Blazer Via Banana Republic

While in DC this weekend, I also bought this gorgeous velvet vegan blazer in the brinjal purple from Banana Republic (pictured left). It also comes in black and a deep gray that I cannot find on Banana Republic's website. It is 100% cotton, and has three front buttons, two buttons in back directly above the vent, and one button at each sleeve. It's not apparent from the picture, but the buttons are decorated purple and gold. All together, as my friend noted, it has an "equestrian look."

I plan to wear it on the weekend paired with dark jeans or dark corduroys and a collared button-down shirt or a black turtleneck and black boots since I cannot wear it to my ultra-conservative always-business-formal office. If I was working elsewhere, I think it would be appropriate any day of the week if paired with black or other dark-colored trousers and a nice sweater or button-down shirt.

Its original price is $175, but Banana Republic was offering 25% off all purchases for Luxe card members, and I had a coupon for 15% off in-store purchases on any day of my choice (a coupon I received because I am a Luxe member), which made it semi-affordable.

I also found this completely unaffordable Dolce & Gabbana ruffled long-sleeve blouse (which I would call a shirt; pictured right) on eLuxury that would compliment the blazer beautifully. At $399, it's on sale for 60% off . . . but that's still an insane amount of money to pay for a blouse / shirt. It's interesting to ponder the outfit potentials though.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brooks Brothers' "Miracle Non-Iron Shirts"

I did lots of shopping this weekend. Saturday, I went to the King of Prussia Mall; Sunday, I went to DC. While in DC, I stopped in Brooks Brothers and bought two of their featured "Miracle Non-Iron Shirts" because they were on sale and because I am tired of spending an hour or more Sunday night ironing shirts for the upcoming week.

The women's version is 96% cotton and 4% lastol, and comes in four fits: classic, semi-fitted, fitted, and tailored. As my saleswoman explained, the tailored is the slimmest fitting and the most shaped, while the classic is the most "masculine" and the least shaped. Interestingly, the semi-fitted has french cuffs; the other three have classic single-button barrel cuffs.

The women's shirts are on sale for 2 for $149 ($89.50 each). And, I got an extra 15% off because it was Brook Brothers' "preferred customer event" (the event ends tonight). Indicative of the economic climate, by "preferred customer," Brooks Brothers means that you purchase something. I bought the fitted version in the white striped (pictured right), which has a great texture that is not quite apparent in the online picture, and the blue striped.

The men's version comes in three fits: traditional, slim, and luxury. The luxury features a two-button barrel cuff rather than the single-button barrel cuff of the traditional and slim fits. And the men's version is pure cotton rather than a cotton / lastol mix. The shirts are on sale for 3 for $199 ($79.50 each).

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Men's Professional Vegan Fashion -- On Sale

Because I am a woman, I primarily blog about women's professional vegan fashion. However, I want this blog to be a professional vegan fashion resource for both women and men. As such, at least once a week, I will highlight vegan items for lawyers, bankers, consultants, and other overworked male professionals who are vegans.

Last week I highlighted work appropriate shoes. This weekend is Nordstrom's half-yearly sale for women and kids. The sale is fabulous; I am going to the Nordstrom at the King of Prussia Mall in a few hours. Despite its name, the sale includes a small selection of men's clothing and accessories. To compete, Neiman Marcus is holding a "private sale." This private sale also includes men's clothing and accessories.

Here are a few items on sale I particularly enjoy for men:

1) Lacoste Zippered Sweater at Neiman Marcus (pictured right in the beige): originally $155; now 30% off, on sale for $108.50. 100% cotton, Neiman Marcus is offering it in beige, black, and navy.

2) Façonnable Twill Classic Dress Shirt at Nordstrom: originally $125; now 33% off, on sale for $79.90. 100% cotton; Nordstrom is offering it in the classic colors of white and light blue. My former boss used to wear Façonnable dress shirts almost exclusively. As such, I have a special place in my heart for Façonnable dress shirts.

3) Ermenegildo Zegna Twill Pants at Neiman Marcus (pictured left): originally $345; now 33% off, on sale for $241.50. 100% cotton; the pants come in the brown pictured right. At over $240, the pants are a bit expensive, but I think they would look great with a blazer and a collared shirt or a sweater, and, hence, could be worn often. Neiman Marcus also has these Ermenegildo Zegna Flat-Front Pants in black on sale (same original price, same sale price).

4) D&G Dolce & Gabbana Jersey Knit Cardigan at Neiman Marcus (pictured right): originally $345; now 30% off, on sale for $241.50. 100% cotton; it comes in the dark brown pictured. Obviously a splurge item, but I love the contrasting browns and big buttons and stand-up collar. This cardigan likely is most appropriate for casual Friday or weekends in the office.