Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vegan on the Weekend: The Perfect Scale

My friend purchased an iTouch last week . . . and then downloaded a bunch of free applications . . . and then showed them to me . . . which resulted in my downloading of the "Lose It!" application, which tracks my daily calorie intake with colored graphs (assuming I enter the food I eat) and sets goals for me based on my current and target weight. I'm totally hooked on the application because the graphs are so pretty and shiny . . . which resulted in a need for a scale since I want the graphs to be correct and that involves accurately tracking my weight. I'm not sure how pleased I am about all this, but I now own a new scale and know lots about bathroom scales.

I went to Target, of course, to purchase my scale -- and immediately was overwhelmed. The Target nearest my apartment had eight (8!) scale options. And they were all different such that I couldn't really say that there were 4 scale options and then 2 of each option to choose from. Eeek! I first eliminated anything over $30 because that's way too much to spend on a scale for a free iPhone application. That got rid of the tricked-out Weight Watchers and Biggest Loser scales and any other scale that measured BMI or body fat or had memory and/or backlighting and/or an alarm clock. Honestly, I prefer my scale to be traditional.

Then I eliminated the scales with "dials" because dials create confusion. Finally, I settled on the Taylor Lithium Slim Scale for $19.99. It's simple, has an easy-to-read display, is compact, and is reasonably priced. Hooray -- I can now graph my weight on my iPhone -- is that a good thing?

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