Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday's Accessory: Kir Collection Tassel Jewelry

I'm really into dreaming about (rather than owning, because it is prohibitively expensive, at least for me) some pieces from the KIR Jewelry Collection -- which I believe was recently nationally launched, though don't quote or cite me on that. KIR Jewerly was founded in 2001 by Kirsten Anne Boedecker and Jennifer Klein. The jewelry is handmade in Bali (the next foreign travel location on my must-get-to list!) and is inspired by Balanise culture, tradition and craft. It is available online through Goldyn.

My favorite pieces are the Station Necklace paired with the Tassel Pendant (pictured together) along with the matching Tassel Earrings (also pictured). Each piece is made from sterling silver with 18kt yellow gold contrast. The necklace is $671, the pendant is $374, and the $292. Yes, rather expensive. But I am quite taken by the combination -- a bit different, yet still professional; I picture the pieces with a black pant suit.

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Anonymous said...

I love the earrings do you have any design?

Laby[dress boot]