Monday, February 9, 2009

Vegan Purchase: Neuaura Booties

It was gorgeous (gorgeous!) in New York City yesterday (and just about everywhere else on the east coast). I walked around SoHo for a few hours with friends . . . eating, shopping, talking . . . straining my winterized legs until my calf muscles screamed in pain. It was a fabulous Sunday!

While out, my friends and I stopped at Moo Shoes -- at my request, of course. I couldn't resist purchasing the cutest pair of Neuaura bootie-pumps (pictured left): the shiny faux leather combined with the super-soft faux suede and the satin ribbon -- very professional, but with a stylist twist. At 3 inches, the heels are do-able also. There was only one black pair left in my size . . . so, clearly, I had to get them. I am wearing them today with a black Ann Taylor suit (the triacetate vegan) and a cotton-polyester-blend white collared shirt with subtle ruffling around the buttons (a holiday gift from a friend -- love the shirt!). And I intend to pair them with the White House Black Market tuxedo-esque suit I got on super-sale a few weeks ago (see previous post). The shoes were $89. Find them here (they also come in brown -- here).

I also really liked these black Neuaura Lolita flats (1/2" heel), but they weren't available in my size. If you are size 6, 6.5, or 9.5, check them out -- on sale for $39.99 (originally $74).

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