Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday's Vegan Suit: Ingenuity Suit

Via Nordstrom. I like this suit because it is reasonable priced, but still looks well-made, although it's a bit too conservative for my taste: the pants have a side-zip and the collection boasts a really, really long skirt that I would never wear, though some might enjoy. I think Ingenuity is a new brand Nordstrom is carrying, perhaps in an attempt to cater to a less-monetarily-secure clientele. At least, I've never seen it online or in stores before.

The suit is made from polyester, comes in 5 colors (black, navy, stone, ivory, and red), and is machine washable, but unlike other machine washable suits, this one looks as if it is dry-clean-only. The suit collection includes two jacket options, a long skirt, a knee-length skirt, pants, and a sheath dress. The three-button jacket is $166 (here; pictured in navy). The more conservative "short suiting jacket" is also $166 (here). The long skirt that I would pair with the more conservative jacket is $96 (here). I would pair the knee-length skirt ($90; here), the pants ($96; here), or the sheath dress ($130; here; pictured in the navy) with the more traditional three-button jacket.

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