Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vegan on the Weekend: Summer Dresses

From Anthropologie, of course, because Anthropologie has the best (overpriced) dresses. My favorite of their new (overpriced) summer selections is the "Morning Colors" dress (pictured right). The black belt, subtle pleating, and the large, smudged flowers make it perfect for a nice summer brunch or shopping on a hot day. Made from 100% cotton with cotton lining; $258.

For lounging around, I like the "Two Rivers" dress. Also made from 100% cotton with cotton lining; $118.

Finally, for nights out, my pick is the "Musing Moon" dress (pictured left). I love the lines of polka dots, the flower on the sash, and flowing skirt -- and, most of all, the yellow-orange underneath the sheer grey. 100% cotton with cotton lining; $188.


iris said...

The Morning Colors Dress was just on sale at for $130 and is now sold out...but you can still find it at Bloomingdales as "Octopus Flower Dress".

jenifer said...

Summer dresses are arguably the most fun, because there are so many options.

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