Monday, December 28, 2009

Designer Vegan Deal: Charmone Shoes

I've been very MIA the past month -- and may be for a while longer as to regular posting. But I wanted to highlight the Greenloop's massive close-out sale on Charmone pumps and boots from last season (though still perfectly acceptable style-wise for 2010, in my opinion). The Greenloop came to my attention when a couple of my friends sent me an awesome gift certificate. I spent a portion of the gift certificate already, and just used the rest to get the right pictured "marco-polo" pumps in the moss color. As with all Charmone shoes, they are vegan. Originally $229, they are on close-out for $49. They also come in a slate (grey) version. Find the moss color here and the slate color here.

The Greenloop also is offering Charmone's "darjeeling" booties for $49 (originally $269). They come in the pictured black and a green. They have a 3.75" heel (same as the above pumps) and are made from a vegan micro-fiber "suede" that give them a velvety look and feel. Find the black here and the green here. Also check out Charmone's "dragonwell" tall boots -- originally $299, on sale for $59 -- here.