Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Jewelry Splurge

Happy New Year! To start off the money-saving New Year right, I'm not about to splurge on anything, but if I was (and actually had enough splurge money) or if I had someone to buy an ultra-expensive gift for (and, again, actually had enough money) . . . I would get these matching sea urchin earrings and ring by South Carolina-based jewelry designer Jane Pope (earrings left, ring right). They are made from 14k gold. The earrings are $690 and the ring is $980 (as I said -- super splurge -- though pretty to look at). The earrings are available here; the ring is available here. Since this post is in la-la-money land, I might even throw in this molten necklace ($440) or sea sponge necklace ($560), both also designed by Jane Pope. All the jewelry is via the Diani boutique website.


becka said...

i just splurged on a cole haan winter coat. eek.

becka said...

it's chocolate brown.

it's... almost vegan. :(


GreenTea said...

I just splurged on a petite faux shearling vest in natural camel from Landsend reduced from $56.90 to $19.90 (plus shipping.) It looks better in the catalogue than it does on-line.