Friday, January 9, 2009

Recent Wall Street Journal Article of Note

In "The White Shirt: A Roving Quest For Perfection," Wall Street Journal reporter Christina Binkley is on the hunt for the perfect white shirt for men. She writes: "In recent years, men turned to shirt colors as vibrant as the booming economy. But we are now in an era of restraint, and a simple white dress shirt sends a savvy message. It says a man is ready for work and isn't vamping for attention."

I agree; white shirts, especially on men, are classic and conservative and send a message that the man means business, but in a nice, respectful way. The article profiles about a dozen white shirts for men that range the price spectrum. As with most men's shirts, all the shirts are vegan. Read the article here; and find pictures of and details about some of the discussed shirts here.

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