Friday, January 16, 2009

Recent News Articles of Note

A couple articles from the Wall Street Journal this Thursday (1/15/09) caught my attention:

"A Stylist Dresses Skinny": interesting take on how to hide that extra holiday weight; the author wears three-to-four-inch heels and boots to improve her posture, which she claims helps hide the extra weight. I especially enjoy the pumps in the picture that accompanied the article (see right); I'm not sure if I like the zipper-accented jeans, which the author claims to wear because it draws attention to her legs and away from her mid-section where most her weight-gain lands. If Te Casan's website ever stopped being under construction, I would post some Nathalie Portman vegan pumps that look very similar -- but, no such luck.

"Keeping Your Hands Warm and Texting, Too": highlights four pairs of gloves designed to be compatible with iPod and iPhone so hands don't freeze while texting while walking down the street. Some of the gloves aren't vegan, but all come in a vegan-alternative. I'm tempted to visit a North Face store and try my iPhone with the North Face E-Tip Gloves (pictured left; at $40, the most expensive, but also the coolest looking -- and vegan). Unfortunately, for those of us who don't leave the office or don't live near a North Face store, the gloves are sold out online, which might be informative of their effectiveness. Find out more about them here.

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