Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vegan During The Weekend: Pleo the Dinosaur

I admit -- the minute I saw the Pleo baby dinosaur snuggling with Diane Sawyer, I wanted one. He (according to the manufacturer UGOBE's website -- wish "he" came in a female and/or gender-neutral version!) is just too huggable and snuggable . . . and, best of all, unlike a live animal, can be turned off. I think that feature is much cooler than arguably the coolest features: Pleo is autonomous (doesn't require a remote control), "develops" like an actual animal, has emotions, and interacts with you according to signals you give him (i.e. if you abuse Pleo, he gets angry and may develop a "personality" disorder). Hence, Pleo is perfect for busy professionals who occasionally want to snuggle with a little creature, but then really need that creature to be quiet and go away so work can get done.

Before posting, I emailed UGOBE's customer service to inquire whether Pleo is vegan. According to customer service, no animal products are used in Pleo's exterior "skin," although they do not know if any of the glue or other compounds holding Pleo together contain animal products.

Pleo is $349 if purchased through UGOBE's website (here). However, Pleo is currently on sale a for $229 (free shipping). Here's a useful link: