Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday's Accessory: Aprons

If you're vegan, at some point you likely are going to have to cook and bake for yourself. I make a batch of vegan muffins every weekend and eat one at work for breakfast every morning. By Friday, I'm a bit bored with the same vegan muffin, but the system works for me. Along with cooking and baking comes kitchen mess. Aprons don't cut down on the kitchen mess, but they do provide a place other than the back of your jeans to wipe your hands. And there are some really cute aprons out there . . . all the more reason to bake!

A few of my favorites are via Layla Grayce, such as this "songbird" apron (pictured right). 100% cotton, machine washable. It is $22, which, to me, seems reasonable enough for an apron. I also enjoy the "french toile" apron ($22) and the "hostess" apron in onyx ($29), which, apparently, was featured on Oprah.

Anthropologie also carries aprons, such as this waterleaf half apron (pictured left). I think this half apron would look especially nice with dark jeans . . . although, you're cooking, and I believe matching while cooking isn't all that necessary. Made from 100% cotton; the apron is $24. It matches the waterleaf mitt and waterleaf potholder, $10 each, available here.

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3Lmom said...

I might need to trade in my cow print apron for that first one you picture - it's great!