Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stella McCartney for LeSportsac on Sale

Though not completely office appropriate, Stella McCartney's line of vegan LeSportsac handbags are great for weekend excursions or trips to the gym / yoga studio, etc. Full price, at $300 - $350, I think the bags are a bit expensive. But, finally, a few websites are beginning to put them on sale, such as the UK-based For example, it has the Essential Day Bag in taupe on sale for $195 (originally $325; pictured left) -- that's 40% off. It has the black version on sale for $228 -- that's 30% off -- available here.

The site also has the Carryall Bag in taupe (here) and green (here) on sale -- both 50% off at $175 (so, originally $350). The green is pictured right.

Tobi has the Hobo Bag, which is my favorite of the current line, on sale for $210, but only in the dirty pink, which is my least favorite color (pictured left). The bag was originally $350. Tobi also has the Travel Clutch Bag on sale for $90 (originally $150); available here.


becka said...

I've seen some of those bags in person... I like them. Wish I could find them for sale around here... (*ahem* Nordstrom)

Michelle said...

They ARE gorgeous bags, I'll give you that!

I found some great looking, affordable vegan bags @

Angeliki said...

Hey Becka is that Nordstrom or Nordstrom rack? Ive been trying to find these bags everywere and no luck... I would like to buy one!!


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Anonymous said...

I think dress boot is a perfect pair for that beautiful bag.