Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday's Accessory: RuMe Bag

Reusable bags are quite popular -- my favorite is the RuMe because it comes in two sizes, a variety of colors, and looks more put-together and professional than other reusable bags, so it can be used as a lunch bag or a document holder. The small (Mini) version is perfect for bringing lunch or snacks to the office and the large (Macro) version is perfect for storing and lugging around documents; small holds up to 30 lbs and large holds up to 50 lbs. And they both are great for the environment: reusable, washable, and water-resistant. They can be rolled together and easily stored in a glove compartment, desk drawer, etc. Or give them as gift bags as part of a gift. The bags are made from 100% polyester in a South Korean Fair Trade Factory.

The minis are $8.95 each or three for $28; the macros are $11.95 each or three for $38. Find them here.

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