Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nordstrom Jewelry Sale

Lately, I'm really into jewelry. I tend to wear dark pant suits with uninteresting blouses and shirts to work, so I like to spruce up my outfits with jewelry. Also, though I try to locate interesting items, vegan professional clothing is not always the most trendy or stylish; I find it much easier to add a piece of jewelry or an accessory than to search endlessly for a vegan version of a certain non-vegan style I like. And, as a bonus, an outfit "styled up" with jewelry can be easily "dressed down" / made more conservative by simply ditching the jewelry during that certain court appearance or meeting.

Nordstrom currently has selections from its line of jewelry on sale, some pieces as much as 60% off, such as this metal cuff (pictured left). The cuff is 2.5 inches wide, which makes it large and chunky, but not too large in my opinion. It is made from gold and hematite plated bronze. Originally $98, it is on sale for $38.90.

I also like these elongated teardrop earrings (pictured right). They drop about 2 inches and are 1 inch wide at their widest. They are made from bronze, which my ears can withstand, but I know some other ears react poorly to this metal. Originally $48, they are also 60% off at $18.90.

Finally, Nordstrom's version of the cubic zirconia earrings are on sale at 25% off. I don't do diamonds, but occasionally like a little bling with the cubic zirconia. These have sterling silver posts. The 0.5ct are on sale for $29.90 (originally $42) and the 1.0ct are on sale for $31.90 (originally $44).

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