Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Super Cool Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeve

This awesome wooden cuff doubles as a coffee cup sleeve (see picture at right). According to the designer, contexture design, the cuff was created based on a typical paper take-out coffee cup (i.e. Starbucks). It comes in 4 different wood colors; my favorite is the rosewood. The cuff would be slightly more awesome if it wasn't an outrageous $68 . . . someday Starbucks will start charging for its little sleeves and then the wooden cuff might become a cost-saving necessity. Until then, if you can spare $68 and are an avid coffee drinker, the cuff might be a good buy for the environment, although bringing your own travel mug might be even better.

I browsed a bit for a cheaper version, but all I found was this wood cuff made by cero designs (pictured left in my favorite rosewood). It too comes in 4 different wood colors, and also in 2" or 2.5" sizes. However, it's not designed to double as a coffee sleeve and even though it's 10% off, it's still $66.50.

The second cuff is available through the website A+R Global Design, which has some very unique jewelry for sale, such as this porcelain medallion ($80). Click here for all their jewelry.


Anonymous said...

For coffe break avoid to spill your coffe to your 3 piece suits attire.

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