Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday's Accessory: Christopher Drummond Beauty Vegan Makeup

Christopher Drummond -- a former fashion model who is now (or once was?) Eve Ensler's personal makeup artist (among many other professional activities) -- has created a line of "luxury" cosmetics that are vegan (note: except for the lipgloss). Praise him! Vegan! If only they were a teeny bit less expensive.

I haven't tried the products, but my favorite based on the packaging (a dark violet glass jar!) and my current makeup need is the powder/cream Veludo Velvet Foundation (pictured right). The 8g container is $65 . . . and it comes with a flat top synthetic brush to apply the foundation, which offsets the cost a bit. A sample size is $4.99 (here).

Find all the products and more information about Christopher Drummond Beauty here.

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