Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Inexpensive Vegan Suit for Women

JCPenney's "wardrobe staple" 4-piece suit is on sale (pictured right in the navy) -- originally $200 for all 4 pieces, now $79.99. It is made by "east5th." I'm not sure how good this suit looks on or how well it wears over time, but I thought I would highlight it since it is vegan and it is a good price. Tangentially, I have one vegan white button-down shirt made by east5th and it fits and wears well, although, again, I can't speak for the suit.

The 4-piece suit comes in six "classic" colors: black, navy, chocolate, red, and deep purple. I am not a fan of red or deep purple (I don't think those colors are professional enough, especially for younger women, although it may be a location thing -- east coast / west coast vs. southern states). The website doesn't specify, but I assume the 4 pieces are: jacket, skirt, pants, and coordinating scarf.

The suit is made from polyester and is machine washable. Suits that are machine washable tend to travel better than dry-clean-only suits in my experience, but also tend to look a bit, well, machine washable and cheap. On the other hand, the suit is fully lined, which in my experience tends to make a suit look more expensive.

The suit comes in misses, petites, tall, and women's sizes; the suit in all six colors is available here. The suit also comes in a black pinstripe version, also on sale (originally $200; on sale for $74.99); available here.

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Anonymous said...

for women you can also try pink suit for your dress code.