Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday's Work Appropriate Shoes: Winter Boots

Not exactly work appropriate in the office, but definitely appropriate for getting to the office. Victoria's Secret has a huge (in terms of number and occasionally in terms of discount) sale on boots (and other shoes, most not vegan) going on right now -- such as these Madden Girl "pom-pom" boots (pictured right in both the black and brown colors). Made from polyurethane with acrylic faux fur. Originally $69, they are now $47.99.

For more rainy than snowy days, consider these Colin Stuart wedge boots (pictured left in the three available colors). Made entirely from acrylic and polyester. Note that they have a 3" wedge, which may make them less useful for their apparent purpose of trudging through rain and slush. Originally $105, they are now $49.99.

There is also these Report wedge boots (here), which seem to be made from polyester and faux suede and faux leather, although the online description is not entirely clear (originally $110, on sale for $69.99).


Ashley said...

Wow!! These boots are looking so stylish!!

Anonymous said...

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