Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vegan Purchase: Slippers Via Target

Not exactly designer, but I was browsing through Target this weekend for cleaning products to pick up dog hair, and I passed these clog slippers that look more to me like go-on-the-street shoes and had to get them. I purchased them in the pictured grey cable knit (here). Who can resist grey cable knit? Though, perhaps, that does make them more like slippers than actual shoes. The slippers also come in a deep chocolate brown cable knit (here), a brown-pink-white plaid (here), and a black-purple-white plaid (my second favorite - I'm a sucker for purple) (here). They are made from faux-suede, faux-shearling, and textile uppers and bottoms -- vegan! They are a very doable $16.99.

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