Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Vegan Sunscreen!

It's summer -- really, really summer, which means it's time for the beach or other sun-ray-catching activities. Never fear! There is vegan sunscreen to attend to your sun woes. Not incorporating any animal products, not tested on animals -- you can feel safe wearing these skin-protecting sunscreens:

(1) Alba Green Tea SPF 30+ Sunscreen via Alternative Outfitters (a vegan boutique) (pictured): 70% certified organic ingredients, hypo-allergenic, with green tea antioxidants and aloe vera, both of which absorb quickly, leaving a light, fresh scent.

(2) Jason Suncare: complete line of vegan sun care products, including sprays, anti-aging sunscreens, water resistant sunscreens, and lip balm.

(3) Kiss My Face sun-lotions: most of these vegan sunscreens are made with oat protein; they come in convenient spray bottles as well as tradition lotions.

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