Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Custom Dress Shirts for Men

Proper Cloth, which was started in 2008 in New York City, allows men to design dress shirts from Italian fabrics; the custom shirts then are produced in the United States: "Men are free to choose unique fabrics for the inside of their collars and cuffs as well as other options so that their shirts will suit them. We want to embrace the corporate cubicle world but poke some fun at it." The custom shirts are made from cotton. Proper Cloth offers a wide variety of collar and cuff options as well as fabric options. The shirts range in price from $80 - $140+.


LCB said...

http://www.jhilburn.com/ also provides custom made shirts. Plus, one of their owners is a vegetarian. Wouldn't it be awesome to highlight businesses run by vegetarians and vegans?

The Professional Vegan said...

I am quite happy (and would prefer) to highlight businesses run by vegetarians and vegans . . . assuming I know they are run by vegetarians and vegans (their website doesn't say as such). I'll be sure to mention them in an upcoming post. To note, anyone or business is welcome to email me (professionalvegan@gmail.com), especially if they have a special connection to veganism -- I usually post something within a week. Thanks!