Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday's Vegan Suit: Antonio Melani Suit

Via Dillards. I don't know how I feel about how double-breasted jackets such as this one look on me, but I love the idea of such jackets, especially one with buttons set semi-close like this one. The shawl collar is a great added touch, and the black/mist herringbone wide-stripe pattern gives the suit an updated look.

The jacket pairs with a vest and wide-leg pants. The vest boasts seven closely-set buttons, small front pockets, and a hardware buckle detail on the back. In addition to the wide legs that pair nicely with the double-breasted jacket, the pants have cuffs and an extended-tab waist.

The suit is made from polyester, viscose, and elastane. The jacket is $199; find it here. The vest is $129; find it here. The pants also are $129; find them here.

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