Sunday, November 23, 2008

White House Black Market Shoes May Be Vegan

White House Black Market is offering two pairs of shoes that are made from synthetic upper (100% polyester satin) and sole. I emailed White House Black Market's customer support and asked whether any part of either shoe incorporates animal products, including the glue used to bind the shoes.

Customer support's answer was: "We do not have access to the information you are requesting. Please contact our corporate office to see if someone can better assist you. The corporate number is 239-277-6200. The office is located in Fort Myers, FL and open from 8:30 to 5:00 Monday-Friday."

The two shoes are: 1) "Twister Pleated Satin Heel" (pictured left, $98): the pumps have a 3" inch heel. If your office allows open-toed shoes, I think these would look great with a black skirt or pant suit or with a dress, especially during the holiday season. They also would be great for office holiday parties and for other parties.

2) "Ornamental Ballet Flat" (pictured right, $78): the flats have faux seed pearls and misty cabochons dangle tiny grey beads. I like their flexible sole and 1/4" heel. They may be a bit too flat for my office, but, again, they would be great for holiday parties, especially those that are a little less formal and/or require lots of standing and mingling.

If you like either and want to be sure that no animal products were used in production, you may call the above number. Maybe if enough people call or email, White House Black Market will start including such information on its website, or, at least, inform its customer service representatives enough to answer what seems like a question that they should be able to answer easily.

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People there in white house always wear 3 piece suits and their look presentable.