Saturday, November 8, 2008

Men's Professional Vegan Fashion -- On Sale

Because I am a woman, I primarily blog about women's professional vegan fashion. However, I want this blog to be a professional vegan fashion resource for both women and men. As such, at least once a week, I will highlight vegan items for lawyers, bankers, consultants, and other overworked male professionals who are vegans.

Last week I highlighted work appropriate shoes. This weekend is Nordstrom's half-yearly sale for women and kids. The sale is fabulous; I am going to the Nordstrom at the King of Prussia Mall in a few hours. Despite its name, the sale includes a small selection of men's clothing and accessories. To compete, Neiman Marcus is holding a "private sale." This private sale also includes men's clothing and accessories.

Here are a few items on sale I particularly enjoy for men:

1) Lacoste Zippered Sweater at Neiman Marcus (pictured right in the beige): originally $155; now 30% off, on sale for $108.50. 100% cotton, Neiman Marcus is offering it in beige, black, and navy.

2) Façonnable Twill Classic Dress Shirt at Nordstrom: originally $125; now 33% off, on sale for $79.90. 100% cotton; Nordstrom is offering it in the classic colors of white and light blue. My former boss used to wear Façonnable dress shirts almost exclusively. As such, I have a special place in my heart for Façonnable dress shirts.

3) Ermenegildo Zegna Twill Pants at Neiman Marcus (pictured left): originally $345; now 33% off, on sale for $241.50. 100% cotton; the pants come in the brown pictured right. At over $240, the pants are a bit expensive, but I think they would look great with a blazer and a collared shirt or a sweater, and, hence, could be worn often. Neiman Marcus also has these Ermenegildo Zegna Flat-Front Pants in black on sale (same original price, same sale price).

4) D&G Dolce & Gabbana Jersey Knit Cardigan at Neiman Marcus (pictured right): originally $345; now 30% off, on sale for $241.50. 100% cotton; it comes in the dark brown pictured. Obviously a splurge item, but I love the contrasting browns and big buttons and stand-up collar. This cardigan likely is most appropriate for casual Friday or weekends in the office.

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Do you have any 3 piece suits there?