Friday, November 21, 2008

Vegan Ties

Two readers emailed me recently about non-silk (satin or cotton) ties. First, thanks for the emails! And thank you for directing me to non-silk ties. I have been searching for a vegan tie for a couple of months. I think that a woman wearing a tie to the office with a nice suit is completely appropriate; in fact, I don't think the tie needs to be all that "feminine." Moreover, I'm not convinced a woman wearing a tie into court or into a meeting is inappropriate or unprofessional in the least. So, for those women who like to wear ties (such as me), here are some options. I guess men can wear them too . . .

Both readers directed me to Jaan J, the home of luxury satin ties (and bowties). Jaan J makes three lines of ties: non-silk, signature collection, and narrow cotton. There are tons of non-silk ties on their website. I'm really into purple ties right now; as such, my favorite of the non-silk ties is this "checkered pattern stars and dots" tie (pictured left in the purple). The non-silk ties are $33.50.

The signature collection ties are $110. I think $110 is way too much to spend for a tie, but some of the signature collection ties are really gorgeous, such as this "paisley potential tie" (pictured right in the pink/silver/dark blue). That tie also comes in a gray/silver/dark blue combo.

The narrow cotton ties are $27.50. With a non-silk (satin) option available, I don't think I would wear a cotton tie. However, I don't think cotton ties are unprofessional -- it's a tie, after all -- although they definitely are less dressy.


Dre said...

ooo- great post! i love ties. but school put me on a tie buying prohibition. except in la paz where theyre less than a dollar. don't forgt a color coordinated hankie too.

q1: are silk ties not vegan?
q2: is a striped tie and a striped suit always a no-no?

The Professional Vegan said...

Q1: silk is not vegan! see explanation of blog's purpose.

Q2: I'm not sure . . . it may depend on the color and width of the stripes?

Dre said...

ahhh- i didn't know that the silkworm is killed. but thanks to you and wikipedia, i learned something today!

Scott D said...

Just as a note on the above posted many months ago....

It's not the silk worm dying that makes silk ties not vegan. It's using animal products that are not ours to use.

Thanks for the links to non-silk ties!