Friday, November 14, 2008

Big Buddha Bags

A friend of mine tipped me off to Big Buddha Bags. As far as I can tell, most Big Buddha handbags and wallets are vegan. And they are gorgeous! According to its website, Big Buddha offers highly-functional and versatile handbags and wallets that can be used everyday for work, evening excursions, and weekend travel.

For example, I love the "Katie" knit drawstring bag (pictured left in the navy, $65, available at beautiful wishes). It also comes in cream, olive, and black. Based on recent pictures in People Magazine and Us Weekly, knit handbags are one of the "it" items for the holiday season. It is profiled on Big Buddha's website here.

In addition, Big Buddha offers large handbags made of faux leather (aka PVC), such as the "Kirsten" bag (pictured right in the cream, $90, available at eBags). The "Kirsten" bag also comes in black, brown, red, and tan. I also love this ruby colored bag (on sale for $63.99 at eBags).

My friend said that she saw a few Big Buddha Bags at Hot Mama in St. Paul, MN. Other Big Buddha Bags are available online at eBags and BagCrazy. Based on these two websites, the handbags tend to cost about $75 - $90, although a select few are around $200.

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