Saturday, November 1, 2008

Went Out In Search of a Trench Coat; Bought a Wrap

In my office (and probably most professional offices), trench coats are the thing to wear over your suit, at least during the current fall weather conditions. So I went to Macy's in search of one, armed with a one-day 20% off everything you buy pass. I didn't find a trench coat. Macy's is organized so horribly! The Macy's I went to didn't even have a coat section, and I wasn't going to browse through every single "designer" area to find the coats that designer makes. But I did find this wrap (pictured right in the ivory). I purchased the black and gray version (see swatch right). It's made by Charter Club, and is 100% acrylic. Originally $46, on sale for $34.50 -- with my one-day pass, I got it for $27.60. I figure I can wear it over my suits for a week or so, long enough until I can break out my winter coat (which is made from wool, oh well) and forgo purchasing a trench coat until the spring.


Sara said...

Cute wrap, but what's wrong with a wool coat? The leather I totally understand, but do sheep not like haircuts?

Michelle said...

Any ideas on a professional vegan winter coat? I can find casual jackets, but that won't cut it at my corporate law office. Everyone wears the standard long black wool coat. I have trench coats, but that's not warm enough for the coming winter months. I've looked everywhere!

Eric said...


Wool cannot be produced on an industrial scale without harming animals. As mere units of production, sheep have their interests ignored so that humans can exploit them in forced service to serve our own unnecessary ends. While some wool products indeed appear stylish, there is nothing necessary about them, and therefore wearing wool products contributes to unnecessary harm, something I think is fair to say we all oppose.

The question is not whether the sheep are being harmed, or whether they like being shaved, but what are we doing breeding animals for their wool in the first place?


Try's winter department. Good luck!

The Man from Tipperary said...


I am a guy, so I have no idea what I should say about the wrap. I'm sure you'll look great in it...
Anyways, I am a new vegan, and after reading what I have read about sheep and wool, I have decided to not use wool, unless it has been gathered by people who actually care for the animals. More along the lines of fair-trade, indiginous people and their sheep; somebody who won't be rough and who won't hurt their animals.
I have just got to say, any vegans out there with good ideas for a MEN'S winter coat, gloves, hats, scarves, sweaters, etc. Please email me! I would love to find some good men's clothing, but it is actually pretty hard to find decent clothing. My email is
Thank you, and keep up the good fight!

Anonymous said...

Nice wrap I like it so much i also try 3 piece suits for my look.