Thursday, November 13, 2008

Corduroy Pants

Although not work appropriate -- except potentially on the weekend -- I love corduroy pants, especially the ones with four or five pockets that look like jeans. I probably love them so much because they feel as if I am wearing jeans, but they're obviously not jeans, and, therefore, people do not comment that all I wear outside of the office is jeans. I also think cords generally look great on guys. And, of course, corduroy is made from cotton and sometimes a splash of spandex or other stretchy "man-made" fabric.

This season, my favorites are from J.Crew. Specifically, J.Crew's five-pocket "favorite-fit stretch vintage bootcut cord." I have it the faded cement color (pictured left). They also come in black, acorn, deep indigo, and seven other colors; and they are available in tall, regular, short, and petite lengths (and many J.Crew stores stock all four lengths). The cords are $79.50 on J.Crew's website, but I got them in the store for $69.50.

J.Crew also offers the same cords in a "matchstick" version ($79.50) and a slightly more tailored, less casual "city-fit" version (on sale right now for $69.50). J.Crew has great cords for men too: see this ($69.50), this ($72), and this ($69.50).

For a slightly less expensive cord, Gap has a few options, such as these straight leg cords and these low rise bell cords for women (both $54.40), and these for men ($49.50). Also, Old Navy's women's classic-rise boot-cut cords are on sale for $20. I'm not into the classic rise, but $20 is a good price.

On the higher end, Lucky Brand Jeans has these "Picadilly" corduroy pants (pictured right in the brown, $98). I especially enjoy the their button back-flap detail. And Lucky has these vintage straight corduroy pants for men ($88).

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Max Hayden said...

I love to wear corduroy pants on the weekends.

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