Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vegan Office-Appropriate Pants For Men

I really want to do a two-part post on vegan suits (part one: women; part two: men), but I am having trouble finding vegan full-suits for men. I will keep searching -- any help would be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, I stumbled upon some vegan office-appropriate pants for men from Bonobos ("pants for real guys" as they call themselves). For a business casual office, they would be perfect paired with a collared shirt and a sport jacket or a collared shirt and a nice sweater.

I especially enjoy these "clean slates" (pictured left), although they may be a bit too casual. 100% brushed cotton twill; $120; they only come in the pictured slate grey color.

These "congos" (pictured right) are a bit more dressy. Also made from 100% brushed cotton twill; also $120; they also only come in the pictured safari green (which looks like a deep tan to me despite the color label).

These "graham slackers" (deep khaki color; $110) and these "the brothers grinn" (dark brown color; $120) also likely are business casual office-appropriate.


Dre said...

nice- i understand that no pleats is and has been the style for some years now.... is this correct?

The Professional Vegan said...

Yes, I think pleats are out, at least for business casual attire such as nice khakis. Potentially pleats still may be acceptable for full suits.

GreenTea said...

I agree. If you want to slenderize your appearance, ditch the pleats, especially in heavier fabrics like corduroy.

Anonymous said...

agreed - pleats are out. so are straight legs. get a flare (flair?)

rikahlberg said...

I wear a lot of Bonobos pants (I used to work with one of the founders, so I like to support his new venture). Vegan guys will want to try the cotton twill and cotton corduroys. They are US-made (in NYC!) of imported fabrics and the fit is amazing. They have a liberal return policy (they want you to be happy with your purchase), so it's easy to try different sizes and styles. Enough for the ad. :)

Beware of their wool line and the occasional silk lining (typically only in the wool pants, though). Their belts recently switched to silk from cotton, too.

d said...

feel free to try us out! free shipping through the holiday period and take 15% off your first order by using the coupon code: "facebook"

great blog!
the bonobos team

Anonymous said...

That gray slacks need grey suits for pairing perfect color combination.

Lawerence B. Vestal said...

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