Friday, November 21, 2008

Gov. Palin Pardons Turkey . . . Holds Press Conference About It While Turkey Is Slaughtered

Via Wonkette. This was too good not to post. Gov. Palin's still vying for media attention. Her latest idea was to pardon a turkey almost a week before Thanksgiving. If she wants to pardon a turkey, good for her. But she really needed to investigate the details of the workings of her press conference location before she held the press conference. She starts talking about the pardoning of the turkey at 2:27 . . . up to 0:30 is msnbc's coverage; 0:31 - 2:27 is mainly gibberish.

I'd like to note that Gov. Palin is wearing a cashmere Burberry scarf (most likely), and I assume a wool coat.

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Dre said...

this didn't really bother me...

pardoning turkeys is like watching the groundhog's shadow. it's meaningless pageantry. not actually an attempt to predict weather or to reach out to animal loving vegans.