Tuesday, November 11, 2008

J.Crew's "Decorations" Are Not Vegan

In addition to Brooks Brothers and Banana Republic, I also visited J.Crew this weekend. J.Crew currently is offering some professional and conservative yet fashionable and trendy blouses and shirts that would look great under a suit jacket or paired with a nice pair of trousers. However, most of the blouse and shirts are decorated with ruffles and the like that are made of a silk-blend material (J.Crew's website sometimes refers to it as chiffon). Hence, the blouses and shirts are not vegan. Though some of the actual tags on the clothing items indicate that those portions incorporate silk, others simply read "100% cotton exclusive of decoration" and give no explanation of what the decoration is comprised of. I was helped by a very accommodating saleswoman this weekend who called someone somewhere and determined that those items that read "100% cotton exclusive of decoration" incorporate silk. Beware.

For example, this ruffle blouse incorporates silk, as most likely does this, this, and this.

On the other hand this "Victoria" ruffle shirt ($89.50, pictured right) does not incorporate any silk. It is available in white and black. It also comes in a striped version (camel and black colors) and a cami version (black, navy, green olive, ivory, fuchsia, and cerise colors) ; the striped version is $98 and the cami version is $88. I think it would look great under a full suit or paired with a pencil skirt.


Dre said...

But I don't want to be a pirate!!!

The Professional Vegan said...

Hey! I own that shirt! I intend to wear it tomorrow in fact.

Anonymous said...

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