Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brooks Brothers' "Miracle Non-Iron Shirts"

I did lots of shopping this weekend. Saturday, I went to the King of Prussia Mall; Sunday, I went to DC. While in DC, I stopped in Brooks Brothers and bought two of their featured "Miracle Non-Iron Shirts" because they were on sale and because I am tired of spending an hour or more Sunday night ironing shirts for the upcoming week.

The women's version is 96% cotton and 4% lastol, and comes in four fits: classic, semi-fitted, fitted, and tailored. As my saleswoman explained, the tailored is the slimmest fitting and the most shaped, while the classic is the most "masculine" and the least shaped. Interestingly, the semi-fitted has french cuffs; the other three have classic single-button barrel cuffs.

The women's shirts are on sale for 2 for $149 ($89.50 each). And, I got an extra 15% off because it was Brook Brothers' "preferred customer event" (the event ends tonight). Indicative of the economic climate, by "preferred customer," Brooks Brothers means that you purchase something. I bought the fitted version in the white striped (pictured right), which has a great texture that is not quite apparent in the online picture, and the blue striped.

The men's version comes in three fits: traditional, slim, and luxury. The luxury features a two-button barrel cuff rather than the single-button barrel cuff of the traditional and slim fits. And the men's version is pure cotton rather than a cotton / lastol mix. The shirts are on sale for 3 for $199 ($79.50 each).

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Sarah said...

The men's slim fit version is a cotton/lastol blend. Lastol is a new kind of stretch so it helps the shirt fit better and is more comfortable, but still feels like cotton.