Friday, December 12, 2008

Vegan Trophy Heads

I grew up around families that hunted recreationally. I never saw the appeal of personally taking the life of creature that you don't need to kill in order to survive, yet some of my friends' homes were decorated with stuffed mounted deer head and the like. I always cringe when I see those mounted heads.

ReForm School has an alternative that I think is awesome: plywood deer (pictured left), moose, and rodeer that you can mount on your wall just like any other trophy head. The "trophy heads" are made from precut pieces of plywood that assemble together like a jigsaw puzzle. According to the website, you can assemble the heads in a few minutes. The deer is available here ($275), the moose here ($435 - it's huge!), and the rodeer here ($96).

As the website says: "Bambi lovers rejoice! Now you can enjoy all of the stylings of a real trophy head without the guilt!"

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