Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vegan Velour Clogs

I am really intrigued by these limited edition velour vegan clogs (pictured right in the blue velour) made by Sanita Clogs ("Danish clog makers") and available via the European Walking Store. The clogs are 100% vegan and also come in brown and black velour. They remind me vaguely of Dansko clogs; I don't think I would ever buy the velour clogs, although I once did own a pair of Dansko clogs (I'm not sure if I really wanted to admit that . . . oh well). The clogs are $139.95 and qualify for free shipping.

The blue clogs are available here; the brown here; and the black here.

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Paula said...

Sanita made the flexible clogs for Dansko for almost 20 years. Now they sell them under their own label. Or have been since late 2007.
When I saw the earlier swirly version of reds/browns/gold that was
Sanita's vegan option I was really upset, wondering why vegan shoes were so often off the wall ugly. I'm glad to see the brown/black/blue ones!