Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gadgets For Professional Vegans

A few interesting gadgets for hard-working vegan professionals:

Solar Flare Messenger Bag (pictured left in the black): this bag claims to store solar energy in a battery and then use that energy to charge portable devices, such as cell phones and iPods. It could prove very handy for those long waits at airports. The bag comes in black and blue. It is $140. It also comes in a larger version, $190, available here.

iZIP EZGO Hybrid Electric Bicycle (pictured right): I've seen people on versions of this bicycle in NYC a few times; I don't really know how I feel about it. The compact bike folds for easy storage. The rider can petal or use the re-chargeable battery power or both. Depending on weight, the bike can achieve speeds of up to 15mph, which likely is faster than most NYC morning/afternoon traffic. It is $800.

Purifying and Filtering Water Bottle from Gaiam (pictured left): I can't determine what the difference is between the purifying vs. the filtering water bottle besides color selection and price. The purifying water bottle comes in white and yellow and is $55, and the filtering water bottle comes in blue and is $45. Gaiam makes really good yoga socks, so I assume the water bottles will be of the same high quality, though that assumption may have some logical inconsistencies.

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