Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coffins for Vegans

The Old Pine Box -- a sole proprietorship from Deadwood (no pun intended), New Mexico that makes coffins and wood furniture -- has a line of PETA coffins, which, apparently, are designed by "the folks at PETA": "these coffins allow you to voice your defense of all creatures even after your own voice is silenced. Every coffin purchased from this selection will result in a net contribution of $75.00 to PETA."

They cost $620 or $670, depending on the model. I intend to donate all my viable organs and then be cremated, but, if I needed a coffin, I would choose the one pictured left. Note that these coffins are not stock items and require a two week lead time, which I guess means: plan ahead? You can view the different PETA coffins here.


LCB said...

Why wouldn't you donate your body to science?

The Professional Vegan said...

I am very willing to donate my body to science; I include that with "donating my organs," although I realize that's not conveyed. I would like my body -- that is, whatever remains intact as a whole prior "being" -- to be cremated at some point rather than cast or otherwise preserved such that it appears as a whole in a museum exhibit. I guess that's a personal preference. I am undecided as to how I feel about discrete organs being preserved and displayed for educational purposes.