Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nankeen Has Vegan Accessories For Men and Women

Today my Daily Candy email linked to a weekend bag for men from Nankeen. I'm always looking for good vegan fashion for men. Unfortunately, the weekend bag has leather handles and a leather bottom, but Nankeen -- which makes "chic, fun, durable, and functional accessories for everyday style" -- makes other items that are vegan. Nankeen's products are Asian influenced: "Our designs fuse 100% cotton, indigo dye, and exquisite patterns using a traditional Chinese art form dating back to the Song dynasty." Interesting . . . and Nankeen uses fair labor practices and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

For men, I like this "zou tie" (pictured left). It's made from 100% hand-dyed cotton and is lined with 100% cotton navy lining. I love the fish design, although I'm not sure how court appropriate or big negotiations/meeting appropriate the design is. Nankeen makes two other cotton ties: this "quake tie," which has a more conservative black-and-white pattern, and this "tsunami tie," which has a slightly less conservative, yet still not as bold as the fish, pattern. All the ties are $65.

Also for men, Nankeen offers a few belts that would look great with chinos or jeans on the weekend, such as this "wen belt" (pictured right). It's made from 100% hand-dyed cotton and is $45. There is also this "ji belt" and this "trac belt," both also $45.

For women, Nankeen has some great 100% hand-dyed cotton totes. I definitely prefer them to similar from J.Crew or L.L.Bean, etc. My favorite is this "luna" version (pictured left). It's huge and I love that it is huge. At $195, it's slightly expensive, especially for a tote, but that pattern is fabulous! I also enjoy it in the wave pattern, also $195.

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