Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Miscellaneous Items of Vegan Interest

Browsing the Internet and reading the Professional Vegan's inbox of eco-friendly tips, I have accumulated a stack of items which don't each require an entire post, but which I didn't want to overlook nonetheless. Think of this as a Tuesday round-up:

(1) From today's Ideal Bite bite, a collection of eco-friendly sunglasses made from materials such as wood, bamboo (yes, I know that's a type of wood, but it's extra cool), recycled plastic, and just plain-old vintage. Browse the list here.

(2) From Vital Juice's e-mail of about a week ago, peel-off nail polish! Made by Sula Beauty (which is available at Anthropologies and ULTAs around the country). This seems very summer camp during middle school to me, which makes me even more interested.

(3) If you are looking for something to do this July 4th weekend, consider signing up for one of the hundreds of road races (that's running -- and sometimes walking) taking place across the country this weekend. To find a race near you, click here.

(4) While you're running, or simply while you're outside, beware of the penetrating summer sun. I haven't tried it, but I'm intrigued by the UVSunSense bracelet which claims to help you determine when it is time to reapply sunscreen. Here's an explanation I took from a Vital Juice email: "While you're applying sunscreen, use a dab of lotion to coat the wristband where it says 'Apply sunscreen to this side.' The band will turn purple, indicating it's been activated. When you've absorbed too many harmful UV rays, the band morphs to brown signaling it's time to reapply." Find the bracelet here.

(5) And, finally, check out Correspondent Kate's post on Tales of Expansion about her experience volunteering at the NY Coalition for Healthy School Food's monthly family dinner night during which vegan pizza was served (I appropriated her picture of the pizza)! Very cool Correspondent Kate!

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Suasoria said...

I was totally intrigued by the peel-off nailpolish too! Sad to say it isn't sold near me.