Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday's Vegan Suit: Classiques Entier Melange Suit

Via Nordstrom. I really like this suit, the jacket and the matching skirt equally. The jacket has detailed stitching highlights and accent front pockets. I am especially taken with the three-button closure, with the button set close to each other. The matching pencil skirt is cut for a slim fit and hits perfectly at the knee. And it comes with a removable matching belt . . . which I probably would never remove.

The suit is made from polyester, rayon, linen, and spandex blend of fabric -- yes, vegan! Unfortunately, the jacket is available online only in one size (14); but the skirt is available in a variety of sizes, and I think the jacket might be available in Nordstrom stores. Despite the dearth of jacket sizes, I wanted to post the entire suit because posting merely the skirt would do the suit injustice. The jacket is $268--available here; the skirt is $148--available here.

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