Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Zulugrass Bracelets

These bracelets are available through One Village Gifts, which advertises itself as "unique treasurers for socially conscious shoppers." It collects and sells goods made by predominately women artisans from around the world: "Many of our artists are women who are producing handcrafted goods based on cultural traditions. . . . These women are given the opportunity to find independence from a life of poverty, gain self worth, and develop self-confidence."

Sounds good to me. And I particularly love the line of zulugrass bracelets from Kenya and Tanzania - natural grass beads dyed in over 200 rich color combinations are mixed with Czech glass beads to create intricate bracelets. The bracelet is available in the pictured purple hydrangea, pink maua, spring grass, blue angani, and new bud. Pair it with a full suit to add a pop of color. The bracelets are $24.95; find them here.

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