Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vegan On The Weekend: Gift Wrapping

It's Father's Day weekend; and it also happens to be my mother's birthday! Happy birthday Mom! Happy Father's Day Dad! I am at my parents' house celebrating the dual holiday . . . so I thought I would save some time and annex portions of a post from Ideal Bite regarding gift wrapping. In so annexing, let me plug Ideal Bite, which I read everyday. Ideal Bite offers "bite-sized ideas for light green living." It delivers eco-friendly living tips in a "short, sassy email" to your inbox every weekend. It's very reminiscent of Daily Candy.

Yesterday's "bite" was titled "Regifting 2.0"; it highlighted materials to wrap gifts that are eco-friendly and which the giftee may be able to use again, such as wrapping a gift in a tea towel or a bandanna. It also included a nifty factoid: "If every American family wrapped just three gifts in reused or reusable materials, we'd all save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields, every year." My favorite of the highlighted options is the Bobo wrapping scarves. These vibrantly pattered scarves fold into bags, wine carriers, and home decor, as well as reusable gift wrap. Depending on size, they are $9 and up.

Also, on Wednesday, Ideal Bite's "bite" was about eating vegan! Check out what they had to say and the highlighted foods here.

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