Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Bookshelf and Bookends

I was browsing CB2's website this week when I came across this very intriguing bookshelf. First, CB2 is "a new destination from Crate and Barrel that dials up the fun." There are six stores across the country: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Berkeley, and LA. Apparently the idea is "shopping affordable modern."

Anyhow, when I saw this bookshelf, I was taken. It's essentially a five foot steel stick with ten steel sheets that hold books in stacks (up to 9 lbs per shelf). The whole thing is covered with a silver powdercoat (it also comes in orange). It's the perfect size for a small room or an office or even for stacking cookbooks in the kitchen, which, based on product reviews, seems to be a prevalent use for it. The bookshelf is $189; find it here.

And for use with more traditional bookshelves or on your home / office desk, these people bookends may be the perfect accessory. They are made from brass and aluminum with a white hi-gloss finish (they also come in chromed aluminum -- here). Based on reviews, they easily hold six or more large books. I find their shadows beneath each quite entertaining. They are $39.95 for a set; find them here.

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