Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday's Work-Appropriate Bag: Jane Marvel Handbags

Jane Marvel's mission statement reads, "we believe it is every woman’s right to have great style and not go broke getting it." I think it also should read, "we believe it is every woman's right to have great style and not have to hurt an animal getting it." Jane Marvel's line of handbags is leather-free and made with environmentally safe coating. Each of her nineteen products comes in a wide variety of colors.

My favorite is the Carry-All Handbag, pictured in the white with rust handles. I probably would get it in the coffee or camel colors with dark brown handles. The bag is $72; find it here.

I also enjoy the Runaround with its trendy across the chest extra long strap (here) and the various "overhead" and "duffel" bags that can be purchased in the same color to create a set of luggage. Check out all of the handbags here.

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