Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday's Vegan Suit: Rebecca Taylor Suit

This Rebecca Taylor suit was on Corporette about a month ago . . . I thought it was gorgeous back then and I still think it's fabulous, especially now that summer actually is approaching rapidly. Corporette didn't like the flower boutonniere on the jacket (and suggested removing it immediately), but I think it's the jacket's best feature -- although I do appreciate that the flower detracts from the professional-ness and conservatism of the jacket, though wearing a short sleeved suit is a bit less conservatively professional anyhow. I also enjoy the puffed sleeves and the pleat at the back.

The jacket pairs with a slim skirt that is a perfect knee length. Both are made from polyester and rayon. And the entire suit is fully lined (so hard to find in the summer!). The jacket is $365; the skirt is $220. Find the jacket here and the skirt here; both via Nordstrom.

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